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The 4 Pillars of Content Writing

The 4 Pillars of Content Writing
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Perfect Balance of Science, Art, Creativity, Competition, and Technicality will make your Content stronger and achieve more visibility.


Content Creation is a delicate and interesting aspect of digital marketing. Working as a content writer in a leading Digital Agency in Nepal, I have realized that your content should not just be educational; it must bear the ability to sell or, in social media terms, "Achieve more Views, Shares, and Likes". Trends will come and go, but the basic and the necessary aspects of Content Writing will remain the same. 

Talking about Content Writing, I firmly believe that excelling and giving equal priority to each of the founding elements explained below will not only improve your own writing skills but also bring more eyes to your blog or content.

Aspect of Arts-Creativity

A monotonous tone is every time detested by readers and grammar checker app-Grammarly. Thus, your content must have the creative side, whether with catchy headlines or with the to-the-point subheadings or just so precise =ly written introduction or conclusion. Remember, way to your readers sometimes creativity and breaking the pattern present in your niche industry. In short- Be You, Be Creative portion.


Samurai Move with Science- Psychology

Your content must cut the distraction and grab your audience's attention like the way a Samurai sword cuts through the objects. And you can do so by incorporating psychology in it. Psychology here means understanding the audience's expectations and behavioral patterns. For instance, bloggers use You(Second-person narration) rather than we so that while reading, audiences feel that the writer is actually interacting with them. Basically, use good mind games and entice your audience.


Competition- SEO

When working professionally and bringing your clients(brands) in a better position in Google, you have to be aware of SEO and create content that favors SEO. An SEO-optimized content has a healthy number of Keywords. Also, logically organizing the content aids a lot in SEO ranking. However, it's not just using Keywords; it is also about the quality of the content. Always work to bring out more stats, facts and answer Frequently Asked Questions related to your content topic. In Short, SEO-optimized Content gives you a better rank.


Double Check on Technicality-Grammar

You know how crucial it is to be grammatically correct to impress your English Teacher. Grammatical aspect is an indispensable aspect in Content Writing.

Take an example: Let's eat, Mom and Let's eat Mom.

If you are good at grammar, you know the first one means children are asking mom to eat with them and the latter is to consume mother. See, a single comma makes such a difference. Thus, in content writing to create your own profile, impress clients and even help the newcomers, content writers emphasize good grammar. Besides that, whenever you use a grammar checking app, don't fully rely on them.


Final Words

To become a successful content writer, you must understand context, demands and incorporate the four Pillar Science, Art, Creativity, Competition, and Technicality in your writing. Adding to that a good research about your topic can give you numerous ideas too. 



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