So, we are loud on creating markets and big brands. Everywhere we seem to have an attitude that will never walk back. But at the cost of what? and for whom? whats the society we are trying to upgrade with our brands ? is it status? is it a better life?

So, what kind of life you might be expecting, right? Here is some insight your brand need to address! Look at some interesting facts for your business. You never know what kind of lifestyle your brands need to speak for your users in so much of diversity and complexity of the society. Culture. Language. Education. Health. Poverty. Climate Change. War. Hate. Love. We deal whole lot of stress with this society. And, then again we aspire to build big brands. Does your brand still talk for them who deal with whole lot of diversity?

According to Poor Economics, "Every year, 9 million children die before their fifth birthday. A woman in sub-Saharan Africa has a one-in-thirty chance of dying while giving birth--in the developed world, the chance is one in 5,600. There are at least twenty-five countries, most them in sub-Saharan Africa, where the average person is expected to live no more than fifty-five years. In India alone, more than 50 million school-going children cannot read a very simple text".....

If you have read this far, then a quick question for you, what are you trying to change in this hardly accepted facts?

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The Bloggers Club-an online blogging platform for independent voices.

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