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Why pay for your blogs?

Why pay for your blogs?
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Your writing and blogs are your creativity. What you did to grow creativity and become a professional? Did you publish it? Or left it stored on your hard drives?

Your writing and blogs are your creativity. What you did to grow creativity and become a professional? Did you publish it? Or left it stored on your hard drives? 

Oh, yea, your long analysis on social media which can be turned into a blog doesn't give you money! Want to make money out of your writing skills.  Here I give an idea on how you can make it at 

I believe nothing should be free when it comes to uplifting the creative industry. Your thoughts, observation and experience should get money or motivation. If we can’t create opportunity for our creative individuals then art will die from our society. 


We are currently paying bloggers on a point system for independent writers. We will pay Rs. 300 per article on category based assignment. We pay higher for verified users having a good reputation in platform. Rates might vary upon project.  

Pitch your ideas with us

What topics are we trying to allocate to verified bloggers? Based on market demand, pitch your writings at 

1. Cars and Vehicles: You love the automobile industry. You are updated with current trends. Then write a product review, scope of the automobile industry, or anything that gives a detailed insight on the automobile industry of the world.  

2. Comedy :- Your blood is full of comedy and you follow trends in both local and global industry. Then write to make people laugh. Give example, highlight your favourite comedian, or maybe take an interview and create a pool of knowledge for future aspiring comedians.    

3. Economics and Trade:-  You care about money. And, you want to explain to us how money functions in the society. Then, share your observation, analysis on how the world could be more economically prosperous. 

4. Education: You believe education has a crucial role in making society better. You are an education activist, practitioner teacher, policy researcher then shot us with your mind blowing perspective.  

5. Entertainment :- You follow movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines and books. Then pitch us an idea about your findings from the global entertainment industry. 

6. Movies Animation : You love visual productions don’t you? Your life changes with movies and animation. Bring on to some unique perspective on movies and animation categories. 

7. Gaming : You might be a game addict and you follow all the trends in the gaming industry. Then enlighten us what's happening around in the digital gaming landscape. 

8. History and Facts: You don’t like rubbish personal opinion rather want to reflect on history and facts for better judgment. Then present some unique cases based on history and facts  to showcase how better decisions are made to make the future better. 

9. Life Style Health : You care about how we should make a healthy and prosperous society. Then write some daily motivations, health tips, advice for peace of mind and better relationship strategies. Share any piece of advice on written form which you think can make our lifestyle better.   

10. Natural : You are a natural lover or sustainability partner with nature then give us insights on how nature is responding to climate change issues and how we should make nature a better company of our life.  

11. People and Nations: You believe in sovereignty and deeply care about the nation. Then shoot some interesting findings on how the world can be led by people, to people and for people to make our nations much more functional. 

12. Pets and Animals:- You are a person who loves pets and animals first and then humans; then show your love towards pets and animals in your writings. 

13. Places and Regions :- You love exploring places and regions in your head or either on feet. And you want to show multiple perspectives of places and regions then pitch us your idea. 

14. Science and Technology: Your day starts with a word latest; and you scroll all your tabs to find what's going on in science and technology. Then share your observation and may be your motivation on why you want to contribute to science and technology. 

15. Sport : You are born to either watch, update or engage with sports. Then writing something that can give us insight on the sports industry. Share something to update us.

16. Travel and Events : You are a traveller by heart or by profession. You do events of any kinds and like to share the impact of the events. Then throw us some interesting insightful reads on the travel and events category. 

17. Other: You still don’t know what to write; then imagine something creative and share any writings you feel are worth reading for. 


Where should you send your pitch?

a) Make an account at

b) Verify your account by submitting your identity documents.

c) Be an authentic user.

d) Go to ,”My Articles Section”.

e) Create a blog under those categories.

f) Focus on distribution and engagement with your target audience.

g) And, get noticed on By evaluating your performance we will include you on category based assignment or project based contracts. 

10 attitude of becoming a  successful blogger at

Here are editorial  guidelines:

  • Be a verified user:Quality matters to us more than quantity. Became a user that the community can trust upon.
  • Pitch your written ideas: Read above guidelines very carefully and understand the motive of your writing. If you aren’t serious about reading then you will never become a good blogger. Make sure to work on basics. 
  • Effort matters a lot: Maybe you don’t have a freaky idea about how to write. But you know you can try and make it better by better. Don’t hesitate to publish your writing even if it's not perfect. Remember, “Hard Work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.”
  • Continuously publishing blogs is not a guarantee that we will allocate you to future projects. We will analyse the project and delegate the work accordingly on case to case basis.   
  • If you are a blogger based on point system, then we will release your payment when your wallet reaches Rs. 500. If you are assigned on category or short term based projects then we release your payment once the project is delivered. You will get payments on esewa or Khalti wallet based on your preference. If not feasible then we will send your payment to the bank. For that you have to write an email request on for evidence. It will take 2-3 business days to complete your transaction. 
  • reserves the right to reprint your blog on other sites, future books or e-book published in the name of the company. We will give the writer credit for their creation. Every blogger article will have to be unique.  
  • We will pay for your publication depending on your performance. Rs. 300 per blog will be paid. Guest bloggers work on partnership models while beading a global tender with Fortune 500 companies. 
  • We are looking for a blog of 750 to 1000 words until you are assigned to a specific task under our contract projects. 
  • Distribution of your blogs is important: You will always be biased towards your writing. The main impact of your blog is seen in your comment section. Engaging with your audience is important. Plan your distribution too. With this you grow your credibility in the community. 
  • Your blog should be unique and should not be published before.  

Note: Any blogger who wants to work on contracts with us; should have their portfolio website. 


If you are an agency or company working to place guest posts for links, we are never, ever going to accept posts from you. You can really skip pitching us. Take us off from your list now. Ditto if you want to pay me to publish your sponsored post with your links, or go back to an old post of mine and stuff your link in. Not gonna happen. Thanks.


Due to the volume of pitches we now receive, we’re unable to respond to all the pitches that aren’t a fit for this blog. If you don’t hear back from us, you might want to re-read this page and work harder on your proposal. For instance, I’d say well over half the pitches we get have obvious grammar errors, or are on a topic that we don’t cover on this blog. Don’t be that writer.


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