5 factors which must be considered to get our article on number 1 in Google

5 factors which must be considered to get our article on number 1 in Google

An English entrepreneur and famous content creator, Neil Patel says, "All content is not the same. Part of the content is viral, the production of hot tonne traffic to your blog, while others are lost in the archives. If you want more of the first kind, you need to put your readers first."This statement certainly tells us to be one of our kind and be the best.

Content is the overall material inside a topic written by any author. They call it content is the king. Great content is capable of drawing the attention of the audience and making them involved and eventually influence their thinking pattern or decisions or even behaviors. Great content must be focused on the objective or the motive of the topic. Making a positive impact on the emotional side of the audience leads to make content to be a great one.

The strategy of INFOTAINMENT is to make the audience consume the information without getting bored. When it comes to making our article, to be number 1 in the Google ranking, we must consider the following factors:

1.Excelling a Niche

Niche is an area of specialization where a creator has solid knowledge. Rather than addressing the general interest, the specific interest and concern should be in the content. When the targeted audience gets their specific needs, the page automatically receives more traffic as well. Thus to be no. 1, Niche must be taken seriously.

2.Extensive and proper use of the keywords

Keywords are the words, which are involved with the basic idea of the content or what audience search/ type. The extensive and proper use of keywords in headlines, Meta descriptions, and title tags can make the content jump up in the ranking s. Thus we must adjust the content according to the keywords

3.Use of numbers, images, videos, and comments

Design is the first thing people notice in blogs or articles. Using numbers, multimedia, quizzes, charts, and graphs surely makes our content to be more fun to read. It attracts the eye of the audience. The comment button seems to aid in making our content number 1 as well. However, using too much of image may not be a better option.

4.Incorporation of the OBP MODEL and AIDA MODEL

Using the OBP Model i.e. Outcome (what outcome the reader wants), Benefit (what advantages the article will give), and Preview (sneak peek of the content) reduces bounce rates. AIDA MODEL i.e. AWARING the audience, maintain the INTEREST, Keeping up with Desires, and asking the audience them to take Action makes the audience more driven to the content. Using conversational tone aids in no.1 ranking.

5.Using the internal and external links

The internal link directs the reader to a target page on one's website, whereas an external link directs the reader to a reputable page on a different website. Using them profoundly and professionally makes an article to be ranked no. 1 in Google.


 Focusing on our niche, Keywords, using multimedia, OBP AIDA MODEL, and links can help us excel and rank number one in Google. Hence, bloggers and content creators should be consistent with their work and keep the audience entertained.

Nisha Thapa

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