Darker side of Artificial Intelligence.

Darker side of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelliegence gives an immense potential to improvise communication skills, as humans are limited with speed on how they learn, transfer and implement their acquired skills. However, the brighter side of artificial intelligence will never overshadow its limitations

The landscape of innovation is highly influenced by the progressive trend in science and technology. The possibility in the world has been dynamically changed since 1955 when John McCarthy first introduced the concept/coined the terminology “Artificial Intelligence” in Dartmouth Conference, in order to seek funds for their summer research project. In the words of John McCarthy Shannon, (1955), “the study was to proceed on the basis of the conjecture that every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be in principle be so prescisely described that a machine can be made to stimulate it”. In taking the reference of that sentence McCarthy and his team mates, were clearly unstatisfied with the human ability to perform and therefore want to create a system, which not only will foster human abilitiy to learn but also will assist them in their daily activity. This concept did opened the avenue for rigorous researches and as well machine learning algorithm were continously imporoved to introduced new computer based logics, which gave a limelight to the concept of virtual reality, expert systems and intelligent agents.     

            It isn’t fascinating to know that functionality of human activity can be actually done, by machines, in order to optimize the human power of bringing change in the world.  The constraints in human productivity can be broken down by basic features of artificial intelligence, as they don’t require to sleep or skip the work when get bored, and hence will increase “investment time” in the workplace. In the brooder picture of its scope, the digital mind of machines will indeed help us to store more data’s and information’s which otherwise couldn’t have been processed by human minds.  It also gives an immense potential to improvise communication skills, as humans are limited with speed on how they learn, transfer and implement their acquired skills. However, the brighter side of artificial intelligence will never overshadow its limitations which are as follows: -

1. Handicap ability: The evidence of our own lifestyle has drastically changed with the intervention of internet and technology, which can be taken as a point, to confess that we have became more and more lazy than our own ancestors. The situation can be even worse with the advancement of artificial intelligence, as it literally will replace our work or our labor hour will be reduced. In order to justify this stance, we can reflect on our own behavior when we aren’t connected with internet for a day or month, it’s because we are subconsciously being handicap with machines and internet.


2. Violence society: - If we observe the content of films for the past decades, we can say that artists are promoting the concept of artificial intelligence. In details, we can further evaluate that artists are interpreting that AI will make machines more powerful than human beings which will destruct the society. The hype of films like Terminator, Robot can be taken as case, on how much we love to see violence in the society. In this regard, we can anticipate that terrorist groups like ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Taliban can use AI to conquer the world as they can be modeled to kill more and more human beings.


3. Adaptability: - If humans are replaced by machines and robots, then can it be guaranteed that the machines can work, as similar like humans who work under highly uncertain environments. Can humans, install algorithms in machines which will help robots to function, on unpredicted environments? The question of adaptability of machines like of human, off course is a big question, as to understand complex human behaviors is uncertain and on those uncertainties programing robots to prepare an alternative working resources is indeed a limiting factor in the field of AI.



            The advancement of AI will indeed fill the gap, in the case where human resources are limited, which indeed, can be anticipated that it will increase companies’ productivity. The future is unimaginable with AI progressing in diverse scenarios and in parallel it has also proved what human brains are capable of. The limitations/ dangers that discussed above can be minimized through international laws. If laws are guided to establish a credible factory, to establish robots then the risk of violation will definitely be minimized, but those committees should be free from political agendas.  Whatever we say, we have to limit and control the features of AI which would otherwise put human existence in risk. Any kind of inventions which could possibly destroy the inventor, indeed is a sign of danger and hence limiting the features or putting humans in powerful positions to have more control in the inventions of AI, would definitely minimize the darker side of Artificial Intelligence.   

Shiv Kandel

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