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Top 5  start-up business ideas in Nepal

Top 5  start-up business ideas in Nepal
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Startups are the new creative forms of business.Startup business focuses on developing and delivering unique products   or services in the market with the funds from family and friends. Nepal is certainly a country of start-up opportunities where you will never regret investing.

The developing status of Nepal provides an immense amount of opportunities to start and broaden the entrepreneurial horizon for a native as well as foreign investors and entrepreneurs. For kicking off, the start-up business, and achieving the entrepreneurial career and further franchises, Nepal is surely the dreamland one is seeking out for. This article includes the Top 5  start-up business ideas in Nepal.

Never failing Tourism and Hospitality

All types of tourists, who have visited Nepal, have been convinced of getting lively adventurous experiences. Investing in tourism industry of Nepal will never make one feel fear and sudden changes.  Being a travel agency for adventurous activities like trekking, Bungy jump ,canoeing , rafting, rock climbing, etc is never failing start-up plans. Along with that homestays, hotels set up in naturally lucrative places have been the most authentic and reliable sources to put forward button on the start-up business.


Green and color for beauty and decoration

Nepal has its 40.36% of its land covered by forest. These forests are extensive sources of wilderness. They are the home for many endangered animals and plants. Investing in the extraction of herbal oil and perfume, herbs infused soaps and beauty products and producing ornamental flowers especially orchids are some interesting areas from the start-up point of view. The decorative flowers are much in demand during ceremonies and festivals, which are celebrated in lavish fashion in Nepali society nowadays.

Chemicals gone, Organic Farming ON

 The desire to stay fit and healthy has led people to opt for the consumption of organic food. The demand for organic food is growing. Utilizing own’s land or taking lands on lease and growing organic veggies and supplying them to local restaurants or even combining both is also a great start-up business. Organic livestock farming, Fish farming, producing organic baby food, and animal food are varieties within this area.


Food waste recycled, compost gets manufactured

It is blessings for the Nepalese that its land can never make them suffer hunger and starvation. However, when it comes to waste, people in the cities of Nepal still do not acknowlege and apply dividing organic and inorganic waste. Thus the idea of recycling organic waste and converting in compost can be a great start-up idea. Most of the inhabitants of Kathmandu and other cities are found to be growing some veggies on some recycled utensils on the terrace. Thus supplying compost to them is great as a start-up plan.

Thrifting –chicness on budget

 The minimalistic concept is highly popular among the environment loving people. Thus people are embracing the concept of thrifting. The thrifting start-up can help people share(by getting/paying some cash) their belongings especially clothes, bags, shoes to needy ones, or those who like it. This is a great idea of  start-up as Nepali millennials and generation Z  are highly concerned with their looks and appearances but want them under budget.

The conclusion is Nepal is a utopia for start-up business opportunities. Thus with the correct idea, great teamwork and persistent hard work the entrepreneurs in the nation can also take advantage of this opportunity. The mushrooming of such start-ups can definitely minimize the problems of unemployment and brain-drain. To this, the government should also cooperate so that the youth develops faith in their deed and the government itself too.

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