TOP 5 Beautiful Travel destinations of Far Western Region (Sudur Paschim)of Nepal

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Needless to say that Nepal is a naturally beautiful country owning the great Himalayas, beautiful rivers, glaciers, lakes, lustrous green forest and vegetations, rare wildlife. Various travel surveys show Nepal as one of the prominent choices of people to experience lifetime experiences. However, the Beauty prevailing in the Far Western region of the country is yet to be exploited in a positive way for all kinds of tourism. This article is all about making readers familiar with the travel destinations of far-western Nepal and also to inspire them to visit these amazing places.

1.Api Base Camp, Darchula 

Standing 7132 m high, Api is one of the most beautiful Himalayas in the Far Western Region of Nepal. The remote landscape and steep trails make the travel days to be for a longer time. Dhauli Odaar, a prior destination before the camp gives a scenario of beautiful meadows and creeks. Api Mountain will be visible around Dhauli Odaar. Kali Dhunga lake is another important destination after Api. One can truly feel a view of heaven after traveling to this beautiful place.

2.Ramaroshan, Achham

Ramaroshan is a mesmerizing travel destination of the Far Western region. This beautiful land has twelve giant lakes, grand rock mountains, and lush green vegetation with varieties of vibrant flowers. It looks like a perfect masterpiece of an artist, which has all the fascinating colors of life. It is 2400-3200 high from sea-level. The major attraction of this place is its meadows AKA Patan, which is 18 in number. Ramaroshan is also rich in wildlife.

3.Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park covers the area of four districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti. This region ranges in elevation from 1,400 m to 3,300 m. This region consists of 22 beautiful flatlands, streams, and lagoons. This area is rich in herbs and wildlife. This area is suitable to travel in any season. Khaptad Baba, a hermit, has invested his time in promoting this region. Thus Khaptad ashram is also another important place to visit. This region also has foot trails connecting to Rara lake and another one to Badimalika and Ramaroshan. The visitors are asked to make a reservation for the guest t house. It is an important travel destination as well as a pilgrimage in the Far western area of Nepal.

4.Bardiya National Park

Bardia National Park is located in the Terai region of Far Western Nepal having an area of 968 km². Karnali River is its border in the west. This place is famous for amazing wilderness especially Bengal Tiger, Asian wild elephant, one-horned rhinoceros. Thus wildlife safari becomes a popular activity among tourists. Along with them river boating and rafting, bird watching, watching the breeding center for crocodiles are other adventures to do here. One can experience the cultural beauty of one of the ethnic groups called “Tharu” of this place as well.

  5.Badimalika, Bajura

Badimalika is an important tourist destination and an important religious site in Far Western Nepal. It has mesmerizing scenarios. It looks similar to the old windows screen. It is 4200m above from sea level. The trek gets harder as it has got lots of steep trails. There are two rivers called Ganga and Jamuna. High hills of neighboring districts can also be seen from here. This region is rich in medicinal herbs as well. The weather is cold and trekkers need to assemble all the needed stuff by themselves. Badimalika can be a paradise for hiking and trek lovers.



To flourish and develop the Far Western economically, such travel destinations must be promoted. Most importantly the physical infrastructures especially transportation should be well-built here. Governmental as well as private news and media houses must promote Far Western travel destinations the way travel vloggers are doing at present. Such systematic and cinematic promotion can attract both internal and international tourism.