Must watch top five best anime of all time

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Once you are into watching animes, believe me you won't return back to movies. Here, I am with the list of my favourite animes.

Most people are unaware of the word anime. Anime starts as a cartoon which gradually converts to a film and finally something beyond you can imagine. What I mean to say is, the starting episodes are simple cartoons where characters are introduced and their behavior is presented. But this is not the actual anime you are looking into. The actual anime is what you will find in the following episodes. From my experience of watching a few animes, I am sure that you will have your jaw dropped when the story picks up the pace.

If you did not know, animes are always on the highest rankings of IMDb ( IMDb is the most trusted platform for rankings of movies, tv, and celebrity content in the whole world). For example, the ranking of the 12th episode of anime “The Promised Neverland” is 9.8 out of 10. You might have known better than me if you are an anime lover. But for those who think anime is just a cartoon play, I would say you have watched nothing. If you would like to know how anime looks like you can just watch the 1st episode of Alice in Borderland, which is a remake of anime to a TV Series. This just an example, but there are many manga (A comic book) based movies better than this. 

Here I would like to discuss the top 5 most watch animes from the one I have watched so far. I actually cannot place them in order because every one of them is my favorite, so I am going with IMDb’s ranking.

Death Note (9)

Death note is the all-time favorite anime. The anime revolves around a super-natural notebook that kills a person when his or her name is written in it. Light Yagami, the main character of the anime gets a notebook that belongs to a death god, Ryuk. The one who has touched the notebook can only see the death god. Yagami presents himself as Kira, who is trying to wipe out criminals initially but later gets the hang of it as starts killing people to save himself from getting caught. Police led by L is trying to catch Kira. Spoilers alert !! Just watch the anime to find out what happens next. The anime is full of mystery and thriller. 100% sure you will love it.

Hunter x Hunter (8.9)

Hunters are licensed professionals who go for treasure hunting, exploring, and also killing criminals. Gon from a small village learns that his father is a world-renowned hunter. The journey begins from Gon going to appear in the Hunter license exam to meeting his father. The journey is an action-adventure and is not as simple as it sounds. Every character in the anime is equally important and the friendship of Gon and Killua is to look out for. Many YouTubers have listed the anime as the best anime of the decade.

Attack on Titan(8.8)

Oh my god! This is just what I can say for this anime. The final episodes are firing every Monday and they are top of the trending list. Every episode makes you more and more curious about the story. The anime is full of thriller and mystery. The story starts with three kids and one of them’s father is from the other world. There are huge walls protecting people and one-day baam! A must, must, must-watch anime.


My week is incomplete without Haikyuu, releasing every morning of Saturday. There is a back story with every service, receive, and spike. The hardwork and dedication of volleyball players getting to this level is something to look for. The most satisfying memorable movement for me was when the main character of the anime, Hinata receiving the ball successfully for the first time. I am pretty sure that you will have watery eyes after watching this episode if you are someone with weak emotions. The anime is one of my favorites and every age group can enjoy the anime.

Tower of God (7.9)

I would say the tower of god deserves a better rating than this. Believe me, this one is a masterpiece. The story is incomplete so is a bit sad. But I am sure you are not going to leave it in the middle and would search for a further story. Although the fight scenes are not that would blow up your mind, but the storyline is very very very baabal.


Some other animes that you can enjoy

One-Punch Man (8.8)

This is the one I wanted to put into the top 5. Saitama, the lead hero who is bald due to his intense training and becomes so strong that his one blow will be enough in almost every fight. The last fights in each season are absolutely amazing.

Jujutsu Kaisen(8.7)

The other favorite that I wanted to place in the top five. The story features Itadori with some interesting abilities. The fight is amazing.

The Promised Neverland (8.7)

Orphans are looked after by a sister who the children call mother. Children are told they get new parents but suddenly the story takes a u-turn. How children ready to get delivered make plannings for a successful escape. You would understand better after watching the anime.

Demon Slayer(8.7)

The boy from a struggling poor family finds that his family members were killed by a demon attack and his sister partially possessed by the demon. The story moves forward with the boy becoming a demon hunter and the journey of him and his sister slaughtering demons. Check it out in your leisure time.

My hero academia(8.5)

The plot is an imaginary world where heroes exist and get paid for defeating evils. The journey of a boy with no power to becoming the top hero of the world. The storyline is amazing and full of adventure.

Dororo (8.4)

Father trade organs of his son for prosperity with a demon. The adventure of killing demons and getting parts back is how the story proceeds.

Naruto (8.3), shippuden(8.6) and Boruto(7)

Naruto was the first anime I watched. There are five villages and the one our hero lives in Hidden in the leaves. The story gets exciting after Naruto qualifies as a Ninja and begins missions with his teammates Sasuke and Hinata. The story has many twists and turns and finally Naruto becoming the greatest of all in the world of Ninja. The Naruto anime continued as Boruto, on the name of Naruto’s son- Boruto. Once you complete Naruto, you become an anime lover. I am still watching new Boruto episodes that come every Sunday.

Dr. Stone(8.2)

A flash that converts everyone to stone. There is a scientist, Dr. Stone who experiments to discover and build modern weapons to fight against a group that is trying to take the new world.

God of High School(7.5)

I don’t want to place it at the bottom but the ranking gets it here. A competition is held for the top high school fighter and the winner gets a wish granted. The fightings you can see here is mind-blowing. But the twist we see in the first season is the one to look into.


The are other animes like One Piece, Black Clover, Assassination Classroom, Code Geass, and many more that you can enjoy in your leisure time.