Sudin Pokherel’s Comeback devoted to Mental Health: #nepalneedsyou

Making a comeback for Sudin Pokharel, creator of massive hit back in the ’90s with his songs like: Ma Yesto Chhu, Ma Testo Chhu, is all about generating awareness about mental health. His new song Mrityu, having impeccable and soul-touching lyrics, is certainly an example to include social issues abandoned by the present-day Hip-Hop artists, who are abusing and cussing in name of entertainment.

Sudin Pokherel’s Comeback devoted to  Mental Health: #nepalneedsyou

Sudin Pokharel, with a promise to provide the hip-hop flavor with some lyrical rapping and informative content, has made a comeback. He is fully ready to make his way through the chaotic, ostentatious, and vulgar map of Nephop at present. After  7 and half years, Sudin Pokharel AKA DA69, a legend in bringing hip-hop culture in Nepal, is back with his third song “Mrityu.”The song’s title seems to be a bit overwhelming but trust me, the issue that he talks about is a major concern which our Nepalese Society does not believe- Mental Health Issues!!! 

Let’s get into facts and statistics.

The latest data shows that every month more than 24 people commit suicide in Nepal. This makes Nepal rank in 7th position in terms of suicide. People choose various ways to do this act. With the trust to obtain relief from personal life problems -with family, partners, or professional life-job loss, loss in business, workplace harassment, people commit suicide.

And almost 95% of the cases appear because of somebody not having time to listen to the grieves of a suicidal person, somebody not giving a hand to get up or a shoulder to cry on, somebody inspiring them to live rather than stigmatizing as a “mad/pagal/baula”. Moreover, our society thinks that mental illness is a modern people’s excuse to get rid of responsibilities and involve drugs and other sorts of bad activities.

The growing number of psychologists has surely been an aid but healing the hearts of the disturbed ones takes time, more of such manpower, and most importantly, support from us-family, friends, and society.

What’s in the song? / Lyrical Interpretation

The tagline of the Mrityu song “Ram Naam Satya Ho, Yeihi Sab ko Katya ho” refers to the notion of us being humans, who are destined to die since their birth. Moreover, Ram Namm Satya is a part of Sanskrit shlok, recited when a person is being taken to the cemetery after their death. Sudin highlights the feelings of a suicidal person who has developed a willingness to get on that cemetery, lie on a pyre, being burnt and getting turned into ashes, and fly away from this world full of trauma and grieves.

The lyrics has a part “Aanth haru Tutchhan, Bandhharu Futcchan, Sthharu Chhutchhan, Hathhary Chhutchhan, Man ra Mastiska bichka Taarhau Tutchhan” to be the lyrical replica of the circumstances that provoke the suicide. It certainly directs to the fake people destroying somebody emotionally or physically.

To be honest, I was pleased to hear him singing”Oripari henus koi kunjiyeko hola, Manasik Tanab ma gumsikayeko hola, Hath pakadnus,uslay samjhaunus, Man ko baha Kholna Sujhaunus”. This is what we must do to help suicidal people to stay away from the thoughts. Observing, identifying, and listening is and should be our moral duty to save a life as a friend, family, psychologist and as a fellow human being. This is the line that made me hit that like button and share this awesome video, which has beautifully depicted the struggle of suicidal individuals.

As an aspiring psychologist, I admit that the lyrical and visual portraying of circumstances leading to suicide was not over the top. It is exactly how it happens.

This is what our artists should be doing: getting devoted to putting light on issues in the country rather than creating a rhyming conversation just for being viral on Tiktok. Instead of being wannabe Travis Scott,CARDI B or Dinchak Puja be somebody like Sudin Pokharel, Sambriddhi Rai, who link their lyrics with issues in Nepali society and also inspire the youth to uproot them. Also, as an audience,we have loved our Nepali creations: music, videos with authentic, and fusion flavors. Then why not support this masterpiece and the creator, Sudin Pokharel.

Let’s talk about mental health issues and if you can’t talk openly about it (because of the society, I know that), please share the video to inform people about suicide, causes, and what we must do. “Suicide is preventable, Depression needs treatment and acceptance, “Mental Health is as important as physical health “should be the statement we abide by and promise to promote with our heart and soul.

The song "Mrityu" is dedicated to late Kul Prasad Pokharel, a companion and brother from another mother to Sudin.

A public appeal from the #nepalneedsyou campaign

Nepal is going through a lot of conflicting times for ages. We have been disturbed, felt vulnerable with times and spaces we have been covered with. We all are going through a difficult phase both with political instability and due to lockdown restriction with COVID19. We know things aren’t as easy as they were before. Please help your near ones. If people have lost meaning towards the word love, let them redefine the word itself. Listen to them with love, who wants to suicide and maybe you can save one last soul on this earth. Or, you will lose your near and dear person.  

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