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Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce that enables customers to use a web browser to dire

Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce that enables customers to use a web browser to directly purchase products or services from a vendor over the Internet. Consumers find a product of interest by directly visiting the retailer's website or browsing among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine that shows the availability and price of the same product at numerous e-retailers. Using a variety of various computers and tablets, including desktop computers, notebooks, mobile computers, and smartphones, clients will buy online from 2020 onwards.


Online retailers typically encourage shoppers to locate unique styles, products, or objects through "scan" tools. To make a transaction, online consumers must have access to the Internet and a legitimate payment form, such as a credit card, an Interac-enabled debit card, or a website such as PayPal. The e-tailer delivers the items to the consumer for physical products ( e.g. paperback books or clothes); for digital products, such as digital audio recordings of songs or apps, the e-tailer typically transfers the file over the Internet to the customer. Alibaba,, and eBay are the biggest of these internet retailing firms. 


Online Shopping in 2020 [Global]

According to 80% of people searched for a product online on their devices. 90% of people visited online retail stores on the Web. 74% of those people purchased products online. 36% of those people made an online purchase via a laptop or desktop. 52% of those people made a purchase through a mobile device. Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, Germany, Malaysia, U.K. are among the top 5 countries that have more than 80% of transactions done through online shopping.


According to the same report, Approximately $620.1 Billion were spent on buying Fashion and beauty products through online Shopping.  $456.9 billion were spent on buying electronics and physical media. $168.8 billion were spent to buy food and personal care products. $316.7 billion were spent on furniture and appliances. $383 billion were spent to buy toys, DIY Hobbies. $1.19 Trillion Were spent to book travel and accommodation online. $13.59 billion were spent to purchase digital music online. $83.15 billion were spent on online video games.

Some of the popular searches on online Shopping are:-

Global Ecommerce Value

The total value of the Global consumer (B2C) eCommerce market is $3.43 Trillion. The annual growth in the value of Global B2C eCommerce spend is growing by 18%. 16% of users spend in eCommerce in global retail spend. If we see a worldwide trend an average user spends $2,594 in online Shopping per B2C consumer.  On a global scale, Mobile commerce contributes a 50% share in B2C e-commerce transaction value.

Online Shopping Scenario in Nepal[2020]

According to Data Reportal, 45% of the total population in Nepal has an account with a financial institution. 0.7% of the total population has a credit card. 0.3% of the population has a mobile money account. 2.2% make online purchases or pay bills online. 0.9% of females make online transactions and 3.9% of males make online transactions.


The eCommerce industry is worth about $25 million in Nepal. It is seeing an average rise of 300 percent. Such figures create a dynamic climate for enterprises. Hence, helping them grow together with a balanced rivalry. We can see most of the eCommerce practicing Mela, Sale, Festive giveaways to gain customers on their website, similar to Amazon and Alibaba websites.


The idea of Online shopping expanded from the year 2018 in Nepal and it has been rising. As the number of online shopping sites in Nepal is growing day by day, there is also a growth in competition between firms. In 2018, there were more than one hundred online shopping sites in Nepal. This allows shoppers and clients to be uncertain about selecting the right retail places for their everyday shopping experience.


Here are some of the popular Ecommerce Site in Nepal in 2020:-


Daraz Nepal

Daraz Nepal is one of the popular eCommerce websites in Nepal that provides a solution for all consumer requirements. It has a wide and diverse product line, from clothes, electronics, cell phones, home and living, health and beauty, and many more.

It has an active presence in Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Under the name of Kaymu, it entered Nepal with a boom and became incredibly famous in no time. 

Among both buyers and vendors, Daraz is the best option. Multivendor options are provided so that vendors can register and work with Daraz. The country's famous brands and retailers have already begun to sell their products through Daraz 's website.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of Daraz Nepal per month is 72,129 Organic traffic from google only.




Sastodealwas established in 2011 and started their journey in eCommerce. They started when internet penetration in Nepal was just about 9%. Encouraged to start not just a corporation, but an e-commerce industry that would have a huge effect for generations to come on Nepal's economy. 

Sastodeal shipments inside the Kathmandu valley are largely free and a minor surcharge is applied for orders outside the valley. They guarantee the return and exchange of the goods within the period of time specified. 

Sastodeal provides goods to most of the country's cities and provides cash for purchase on arrival. While the goods are shipped to your place, certain distribution costs are incurred.

They have also partnered with Myntra and Flipkart, two big eCommerce giants from India. 

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of Sastodeal per month is 5,393 Organic traffic from google only.



Gyapu is one of the emerging online shopping marketplaces in Nepal that offers its customers the best service. In Nepal and around the world, Gyapu is working to build a global Nepali brand and to promote domestic products. The largest online platform in Nepal is being developed to purchase only genuine products from verified sellers. In search of the products you need, it helps you to save time and the hassle of going to physical stores. Now, with Gyapu Marketplace, all it takes to find the product you need and place your orders is a few clicks. Within 24 hours, they will deliver your goods to your doorstep. In addition, for the delivery service, they do not charge. Also, it is easy to comply with the return and exchange policies. You can pay via e-Sewa, foreplay, or it is possible to pay cash on delivery.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of Gyapu Marketplace per month is 463 Organic traffic from google only.

UG Bazaar

Originally registered in the year 2074, UG Cakes is now part of Urban Girl Inc Pvt. Since then, Ltd. has been involved in the manufacture and distribution of cakes. UG Cakes started with two folks who had absolutely no knowledge of baking, contrary to how bakeries begin. Not only in terms of founder members, UG Cakes is exceptional, but in the sense that the entire end-to-end systems are entirely self-governed by a mechanism that serves everybody with the requisite knowledge that allows key business processes into it. UG Cakes may well be one of the best in the baking industry in terms of process automation.

UG Bazaar is Nepal’s first social e-commerce app founded by Mr. Kiran Timsina and Ms. Nikita Acharya who was also enlisted in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of UG Bazaar per month is 1,260 Organic traffic from google only.



One of Nepal's finest online shopping portals is Okdam. Nepal is moving toward a global transition with online users on the skyscraper. Customers never have to stop in traffic again, expect discounts, and spend hours shopping for the goods and services they need. All it takes is a few snaps and a few moments to locate the item and place the order(s) on Okdam. is Nepal's ultimate online shopping target, providing a fully bother-free shopping history through safe and trustworthy portals. With all of your most favorite brands, we give you a famous and exclusive shopping experience, and that's just the start. Okdam exhibits pieces from all classes, such as apparel, apparel, jewelry, ornaments, electronics, kitchen appliances, home appliances, furniture, cosmetics, health care, equipment, sports exercise, beauty goods, sending gifts to Nepal, and collecting!

Okdam's mission and the central goal are to contribute to the Government's savvy city policies through the internet shopping experience. We generally care for our clients by conveying exceptional esteem, and continuous arrangements while satisfying our guarantee of "Constantly Budget Prices and Best Quality" before they know it.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of Gyapu Marketplace per month is 463 Organic traffic from google only.

You will buy all sorts of items at that benefit from our Free Home Delivery. Categories such as personal care, electronics, clothes, sports and outdoors, office equipment, fashion, books, everyday needs, and much more are abundant. has represented 1000s of happy clients to date while guaranteeing a high degree of satisfaction from such trusted clients. We guarantee prompt distribution of goods to your homes at is part of the Thulo group, which includes Nepbay, NCS. Technology, Gurkha host, ireach. They have a great number of IT experience and are the powerhouse behind the eCommerce platform.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 24,501 organic traffic from google only. strives to provide you with a one-stop solution for all of your needs. Now the internet has been the most prevalent and part of our lives for days. "Socheko "is a solution to all this online eCommerce and delivers precisely at your doorstep, you can get the right thing in the right way." 

At "Socheko," they don't commit to selling their goods at a better price than others and they don't think they are more committed to consistency in the price fight. In other words, they might tell they're going to get the right price for the right commodity. is funded by the famous Nepal business community, which has been in the business arena of Nepal for the past 20 years.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 3,204 organic traffic from google only.

SmartDoko is an online shopping destination in Nepal that offers a wide variety of items where consumers can enjoy a hassle-free product purchase that is now only a click away from hitting their doorsteps. Our company's goal is to be a one-click option for our customers. SmartDoko's preferred tactics are to carry unsurpassed costs, timely arrival, a high degree of responsiveness and durability, a wide variety of goods and services, incentive points, seamless brand contact, and broad distribution networks.

The payment options are esewa, cellpay, visa, and MasterCard to buy from Smartdoko.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 1,366 organic traffic from google only.

Reddoko Online Shopping in Nepal Reddoko is an online e-commerce marketplace for the purchase/sale of goods and home delivery in Nepal, including cities and villages. They have items from all ranges, including men's wear, apparel, women's clothing, appeal, electronics, cell phones and accessories, appliances, beauty products, and many more, taking into account the trends in online shopping in Nepal. They specialize in providing directly from the retailers with the highest pricing rates.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 3,238 organic traffic from google only.

The Nepal-based online marketplace operated by Choicemandu Private Limited is Choicemandu Online Shopping. Choicemandu is superior in terms of product variety, data protection, unparalleled shopping operation, and rapid delivery across all the online shopping platforms in Nepal. Choicemandu Online Shopping Website / App has a wide variety of items, from clothes to electronics, from groceries to products manufactured in Nepal, and the list goes on. Our driving principle is "customer loyalty by-product consistency with timely delivery." Customers will discover their options among the items available and experience the differentiation in Choicemandu's online shopping.


According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 5,877 organic traffic from google only.

"” is the online edition of the" Muncha House "department store.  They have a history that is really early. In 2000, Muncha began its service. is a digital shopping mall and gift platform where a wide range of items can be found to fulfill your needs. Their primary mission is to offer the highest quality facilities for infinite variations of goods. 

As a payment option, they accept iPay, MasterCard, and VISA. In Muncha, Cash on Delivery is open. Within 2-3 working days, they offer goods.

According to popular SEO Tool Ubersuggest, The average traffic of per month is 6,480 organic traffic from google only.

Ecommerce With

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