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“3 P’s can make you successful. Patience. Persistence. And, Positive thoughts!” Never get out of stock with these qualities. Always find positive sides in failures and work to solve them.”- Priya Rani Lama (Miss Cosmopolitan World,2019)

In a world full of people losing their confidence and easily giving up on their dreams, be Priya Rani Lama, who has been extremely devoted and passionate about making a name in the beauty pageant field. Her willingness to learn more about the beauty and fashion business, made her participate in various beauty pageants. Many wins got named to her as well.

Who is Priya Rani Lama?

Priya Rani Lama is a  beauty pageant title-holder, TV host, actress, and pageant-choreographer. She was born in Janakpur, Nepal.

She is the reigning Miss Cosmopolitan World title after beating 32 countries in the pageant held in Malaysia 2019. Priya owns sharp features on her face, an aesthetic body, and a bright smile.

Not only that, Priya is an entrepreneur and owns Rani's_Collection.

Family Background

Priya is born to a family where there is no connection to the fashion industry. Priya’s father is a businessman and her mother is a retired civil servant. She was raised by her parents in  Janakpur. Her family members are educated and more in service-related occupations. Her parents are always supportive of Priya's career and steps.


Priya has a bachelor's degree in BSc Medical Microbiology. During these days, she even gave classes to the students on microbiology itself. 

Career as a TV host

After completing her Bachelor's degree in 2015, She joined Nepal 1 channel as a host for a show, Hello Nepal! Working as a VJ and host helped her in boosting her articulation. Participation in the pageant was going hand to hand. She managed time and schedules accordingly. 

Career Timeline in Beauty business as a contestant and a choreographer

  • 2008-Participated in Miss Teen Dharan
  • 2010- Became the first runner up in Miss Purwanchal and participated in Miss Nepal, Winner of  the Best Complexion category, started her pageant runway choreography
  • 2015-Participated in Miss Nepal
  • 2018/19-Choreographed Ms. and Mrs. Nepal, Japan pageant
  • 2019-Won the Miss Cosmopolitan World,2019
  • 2020- Assistant Choreographer in Miss Nepal by Hidden Treasure

How Priya tackled the COVID-19 situation?

COVID-19 affected Priys’s further projects which were set to be executed in various countries. Her photoshoots for Miss Cosmopolitan World Award were meant to be in International land but they got completed in Nepal. 

Priya kept herself motivated and generalized that COVID has affected every business, not just her’s. She spent the lockdown days reading books, gardening, learning about the indoor and outdoor plants, watching documentaries on youtube. Priya added that motivating herself every day during the early lockdown times was getting out of hand but her go-to quote of “Slow-and-Steady” came to the rescue.

 “I got sad regarding my projects but something is better than nothing. I completed my photoshoots in Nepal. The only thing COVID did good to me was giving me a two-year reign with the crown and the title.”, Priya.

Priya Rani’s view on Glamour and Entrepreneurship

There is a struggle to set yourself as a model or a brand. In early career struggles, you have to pay the agents and check on your appearance, words, and many other things. But once you have set these all there won’t be a hard struggle to start or improve your entrepreneurial venture.

Priya says her fame, PR, and the network have helped a lot in getting graphs of her at an altitude similar to the mountains.

Expectations as an assistant choreographer in Miss Nepal,2020

Priya is thrilled to work with Hidden Treasure which has 27/28 years of experience in a beauty pageant. To Priya, working in collaboration with Hidden Treasure will give her more exposure and more opportunities. Priya is full set to grab the information on the latest techniques, technologies, and ideas used in Pageant-Choreography.


Enthusiastic and excited Priya actively gave her answers in the rapid-fire. Let’s have a look at her answers.

Favorite food- Veg momo (Yes, She is Vegetarian.)

Favorite music artist- Sabin Rai (Nepali), Beyonce

Favorite app- Youtube(used excessively in Lockdown period)

Favorite makeup products-Mascara (P.S Lash is Love)

Favorite makeup artist- Sofy Sunuwar,Chandra Gurung,Jyoti Limbu

Favorite designer-Manish Rai (Nepali)

Favorite workout-Leg and Back Workout

 Favorite Travel destination and any memory related to it- Japan; Travelling in BulletTrain

Compassionate or Logical- Logical

Out-spoken or well-spoken- Of Course, Well-Spoken

Suggestions for the pageant aspirants and to  those who see Priya as a role model

 “It’s the conspiracy made by your hard work, patience, and luck. My journey has failures in Miss Nepal but eventually, I won the Miss Cosmopolitan World Award. Maybe that was my destiny. Never lose hope. See the positive side of the failures and if possible work on it. Stay stubborn to get better exposure and learning. Never opt for shortcuts, this is like the 99th snake on Snakes and Ladder game, gets you to the top, and brings you down in a short time. ”

Priya’s take on Security of Nepali Women

The women security is at its worst in our country. The increasing cases of acid-attacks and rapes makes me sad. I also supported various protests demanding justice for victims. We need a government that is for us, not just to direct us every time. The provision of free treatment, free education does not seem to be justifiable, the culprit must be punished so that victims get some relief. Moreover, such attacks and crimes should not take place at first

A public appeal from the #nepalneedsyou campaign

Nepal is going through a lot of conflicting times for ages. We have been disturbed, felt vulnerable with times and spaces, we have been covered with. We all are going through a difficult phase both with political instability and due to lockdown restriction with COVID19. We know things aren’t as easy as they were before. But, please please don’t give up only because someone else did on you!

Be motivated, busy, and work on your weak points because the game of life, to experience wins and losses, to create a new happy memory, and to inspire and support others, is still ON. 

“Stay Safe, Be Kind, Be Optimistic. You are yet to make Good memories in this world.”

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