Why Neo D&M is the best D&M?

D&M is one of the modules of ERP systems.The D&M serves as a decision support system to keep up your company's distribution control room.

Neo Distribution and Marketing System effectively and accurately track and manages the entire distribution network of companies. 

Distribution channels internalize 4 Ps: Product, Promotion, Price, Placement/Distribution. Distribution management focuses on the supply chain and delivery of products across various distribution networks. The distribution management process involves handling the flow of items from a wholesaler to a manufacturer and from a retailer to a customer.

The DM serves as a decision support system to keep up your company's distribution control room. Distribution management considers the extent of customers' requirements, shipping optimization, and possible causes of shipping delays as essential factors to be taken into account. Using the DM system, reliability and service quality are enhanced. 

Neo DM System allows real-time reporting, sales management, tracking monitoring leads, delivery, and campaigns to give you the best outcome.


ERP software embodies a bright new vision for distribution and how distribution businesses work. Manufacturing and distribution market processes seem to be undeniably identical when viewed at a macro stage. The order to cash process, identifying potential buyers, and supply chain management are all quite similar. When you start peeling back the layers, however, order quantity and order volume vary. Small producers usually deal with small orders; small distributors, on the other hand, deal with massive orders and typically handle a higher volume of orders.


What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

An ERP framework can provide flexibility for all of your business processes by streamlining them from a single database, regardless of their size. What if anything goes wrong, though? What if your distribution company runs out of stock, one of your delivery trucks blows a tire, or you miss a delivery deadline? An ERP device will automatically alert you to any problems you can experience, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.


Distribution's advantages

ERP Prevents Data Replication and Errors:

When you use different software to deal with such data, you'll find a lot of duplication and errors. You can eliminate such inefficiencies and better control your distribution business by getting full visibility of all your processes and activities with an ERP incorporated into your distribution business.

Increased Revenue Growth:

Since your ERP is integrated with your company, the majority of your sales and revenue data is easily accessible and updated in real time. You can gain a thorough understanding of business revenue using this data.

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