5 positive effects of the lockdown gifted by COVID-19

Pandemic, Lockdown, and Quarantine must be the awesome words, which are recently added to our verbal dictionary, making the very first positive impact on us. The spreading of the Novel Corona Virus is most probably an unexpected phenomenon for today's world. The COVID-19 pandemic has

#Lockdown time equals to more family time

Spending time with your family develops a positive feeling. During the lockdown, the parents could see their children 24x7 either the minors or even the workaholic ones. The old memories were remembered, jokes were cracked and the family struggle was appreciated. Besides ludo, mocking and insulting siblings had become another favorite family activity. The end of the lockdown has made us value the family time and break from the work as well.

#Various artists have been exposed 

From making Tiktoks on bored in the house to cooking delicacies, from doing wall painting to making crafts out of wastes, from vlogging in their courtyard to reacting on viral music, from being a lazy bum to taking Chloe Ting Fitness challenges, the secret talents of people have been revealed. Positive use of spare time has been done. In addition, we witnessed unsuccessful works resulting in more waste in the house and kitchen.

#News be the first preferred gossip

Previously news channels were the love of our fathers and we were made to feel ashamed of being a complete addict of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, now we have become more updated on the news section whether it is about our prime minister’s cure for coronavirus or funny or heartbreaking incidents in various areas of the nation. This has to be the most positive effect, no wonder we had and have been checking RONB’s page and every news channel now and then.

#Human Activity stopped equals to Natural healing done

 As human activities, industries have gotten into a halt; nature has been now using her power wisely. The never seen wildlife and sea life have been seen. Animals are now lying and roaming on the roads fearlessly, rivers have gotten clearer, natural vegetation has been expanding, and pollution has decreased drastically. However, some people don’t appreciate these positive consequences and still manage to hurt it by causing them trouble.

#Essence of humanity proven to exist

We are grateful to the medical staff for working hard to save us from the COVID-19. We are proud of the people who followed lockdown properly. However, our hearts became happier when we saw the NGOs and the social influencers making positive impressions as they were and still are taking initiatives and actions to feed the animals as well as provide relief to the poor and needy ones. However, these precious people got tricked as some rich people claimed the relief and taken share for their whole family. Their greed somehow ignored foods for animals, lucky animals.


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