Digital Marketing Concepts and Its Usefulness

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Modernization and relying nature of people on technologies have led the business to have their presence on the internet. To excel, flourish, and attain a remarkable position in regards to the competition, businesses have taken a strong grip on digital marketing. This is not just a benefit for the company or brand; it’s also a convenient way for consumers to be aware of the products via digital mediums. Digital Marketing is a must for the present day business and the aspiring entrepreneurial ventures. Along with its satisfying advantages comes the unavoidable threats and disadvantages. Thus being alert, updated, and focused on instant delivery should be the areas of digital marketing of a business to be taken seriously.

Digital marketing is marketing using digital tools i.e. communicating one's business values or services to the customer using digital tools like SEO, Social media, blogging, video creation, Email-marketing, online pay-per-click advertisements, Mobile Marketing (apps, SMS. Digital marketing is simply marketing through the internet. Thus there are endless possibilities of brands. When we talk about Digital Platforms we must dive into its types of digital marketing and know about them. Let’s discuss more them.

  • SEO: SEO plays a fundamental role to grab the attention of the potential audience and has become an integral part of Digital Marketing.
  • Social media marketing: At present Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok are the major players in digital marketing
  • Content Marketing: Excelling a niche and having quality content can attract potential consumers. Blogging, Video creation, infographics come under it.
  • Pay per click advertisement: They are the ads, which are visible and flexible for many organizations as an organization can only pay when their ad is clicked.
  • E-mail marketing: Emails are used to promote content, events, discounts and guide the audience to the brand/business website
  • Mobile marketing: All social media can be downloaded on our mobile and also the SMS service can be done to have the digital marketing.

 According to Adam Erhart, a popular Marketing strategist,” Strategy of Digital market is simply to Identify the market (what we want to deliver or the ideal audience we want to connect), Message (finding out the miracle i.e needs and goals and miseries i.e fears, frustrations of the market) and Media(the use of platforms to communicate our message with the media).”Moreover, Digital marketing has been used extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A popular Youtube channel, intellectual Indies have spoken about some of the myths regarding digital marketing. They are:

  • We do not do digital marketing if our competitor is not doing it. If other is not doing then we must do it so that we can make a better impression with global audience/customers.
  • Creating a website is enough for digital marketing.No absolutely not because a website is just a digital identity and we must attract or bring the audience by marketing typically by using –Onpage SEO.
  • Good design websites are heavy and coded websites are better. But its all about optimization and cost-effectiveness respectively for such myths to be busted
  • SEO is dead for digital marketing but the question is people will search google to find answers and answers will appear based on SEO. It obviously tells us SEO is going to stay evergreen.
  • Cross-platform isn’t necessary. However, it has been recorded that using two or more channels for marketing has attracted more customers.      
  • Followers, subscribers, and likes are everything and it is mandatory for digital Marketing but its not necessary and may not work out as well

Digital marketing is often associated with complicated software, coding, or building complex online marketing systems. Of Course, digital marketing definitely has those parts in it, but that doesn’t mean one needs to know how to do them all or even really to know what all those things were or are.

Since we have become aware of Digital Marketing concepts now we must know its usefulness. Now we shall discuss the Pros Understanding the Pros and Cons of Gambling - of Digital marketing, which are listed below:

  • Many small brands, which can’t invest a huge amount of money in advertisements, they can use digital marketing to reach the customer. Those SMEs(Small, Medium, and Enterprise) business can find their right audience and reach them and it can increase brand loyalty 
  • Digital Marketing can provide Global reach - a website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment and earn social currency (being passed from user to user and become viral).
  • Digital Marketing provides trackable, measurable results, and openness to create a reputation for being easy to engage with.
  • Personalization (we can refine our customer profile and market effectively to them) and improved conversation rate (no talk, just click and shop) is provided by Digital Marketing.


 Together, all of these aspects of digital marketing have the potential to add up to more sales. However, we should be familiar with its consMagento 2 Migration: The pros and cons of migrating to Magento 2 as well. The following are the cons of digital marketing.

  • Proper Skills and training must be with the staff so that changes in tools, platforms, and trends can be addressed in sooner time.
  • Tasks such as optimizing online advertising campaigns and creating marketing content can take up a lot of time.
  • Reaching a global audience with digital marketing means competing with global candidates, which means high competition. This can bring unhealthy competition between brands
  •  Negative comments or failure to respond effectively can damage brand reputation.
  • Security and privacy issues - There are several legal considerations around collecting and using customer data for digital marketing purposes. The rules regarding privacy and data protection must be taken care of. 
  • Designing and developing content only according to what the company thinks is right rather than doing proper customer research and content marketing makes this marketing biased and unfair sometimes.


Digital Marketing has proven to be the much effective, less time consuming, and popular medium to sell the products or services. After busting the myths, the aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses should work on strengthening their presence in various digital platforms. Having some investments in this marketing can get their brands and services to have a better reach and better profits. However, the above-mentioned threats and cons must be taken into consideration to have digital marketing secured and be much more effective.




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