Hult Prize at IOE and NxtGen's session on Branding your product – A Full dosage of INSPRITAINMENT

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Entrepreneurship is all about risking the skills and investment for establishing a unique name AKA brand in the market. They have said it well," If you want the biscuit, you better risk it." The whole journey of starting from scratch to getting recognized as a brand is a fantastic experience. Criticism and doubts come out from people's mouths rather than the kind words of how proud they are or what they can offer as help. We have to have patience and get those people to come to us and ask for a selfie or free podcast and even a shoutout. So, sticking to our passion and goal and not letting the outer world decide our destiny is what entrepreneurship dwells upon.

The Halloween Day for Hult Prize at IOE 's team and their followers got spent with the discussion on being the best version for branding. At 2 Pm,(GMT 5+45), the session got its pace. Like every time, the talented hostesses Apekshya Ghimire and Suprima Shrestha gave warm welcome to the audience and guests according to their schedules. Level 5 of entrepreneurship talkies brought various figures, who are emerging entrepreneurs and leaders. Not only that the session entertained the audience with a combo of Inspiration and entertainment, AKA INSPRITAINMENT.

Memes don’t define Momin Saqib

For the millennials and Gen Z, memes are not just some pictures with words; they carry emotions. Most probably in South-Asian countries, People are well-known for the audio-visual meme of "OH BHAI MARO MUJHE." Momin Saqib, a 25-year-old Pakistani entertainer and social worker, who had no idea of having his frustration against the cricket–match to turn into a media sensation, was the first guest of the session. Listening to him was not a funny talk; instead, his words were sweet and empowering.

The pledge he has taken and the action he has done for COVID-19 frontline workers via One Million Meal and women empowerment by co-founding Taieba organization appears deviant to his image in the memes. Mr. Saqib's go-to quote is," Attitude for gratitude"- Being grateful for what you have and how to use this facility to help others. Mr. Saqib's faith in being grateful for the struggle and opportunity to either win or learn (no failures here) got some head-nodding time for all the audience.

He firmly believes there is no other way than ignoring those who are never supportive, are always offended, and have no will to praise your work, be it helping in the house or even starting a venture. There's no success until and unless we find self-love. Enjoying the journey of being just a student or even a child of your parents to build something with your name, it's a silent and struggle-rich journey. But hey, you gotta enjoy them or else the zeal that you had to prove yourself right will get suppressed. Sadly, Momin departed after inviting us to a cricket match and then getting us into "OH BHAI MARO MUJHE" scene.

Panel Discussion with Fedi Regaig and Susan Dangol

Since the event was roaming around branding, why not discuss HULT PRIZE itself as a brand. For this very purpose, two special guests Mr. Fedi Regaig, Regional Analyst (Asia) of Hult Prize, and Mr. Susan Dangol, Community Builder at Hult Prize Foundation, were invited. The panel discussion agreed that the participation of students at the Hult Prize has increased exponentially.

Fedi Regaig’s take on branding

Asia still suffers from social problems; it's not a curse; instead, it is an opportunity for entrepreneurs. Reflecting light on this topic, Mr. Fedi kept his view on being the initiators rather than relying on and expecting from the government solely. Mr. Regaieg showed his optimism regarding the young leaders and entrepreneurs working for a cause and for Nepal to participate in the Regional Summit. Further, he wanted the Nepalese Change-makers to get the Regional title.

Susan Dangol’s view on branding

Mr. Dangol added that the Hult Prize, itself, is acclaimed to be the Nobel prize for students. The Hult Prize has attracted students from various universities in Nepal, which Mr. Dangol was not familiar with. The social media presence and management are the pillars for the increment in the Hult Prize Is brand value.

Susan has participated in the Global Accelerator Program and aims to organize the National level of this program. Further, this national-level program will prepare the winner of the Hult Prize and deserving teams for the workshops, training on idea pitching, and necessary incubation provisions. With this dream, Mr. Dangol encouraged the participants to register for the HULT Prize -2020 challenge.

Food for Good Challenge

 Opening up to the 2020/21 annual challenge "Food for Good," Mr. Dangol confidently spoke about Nepal- motherland for various ethnic cultures. Variety, hygiene, and love found in cultural cuisine have no competition with fast-food. Adding to this, he quoted," Half of the world wastes the food, and half of the world is still dying of starvation. In the food industry, adulteration and the use of preservatives are prominent. This has decreased the nutritional value of food. Thus the challenge is aimed to provide a platform and encourage food-based start-up ideas and ventures.

Newness nourishes passion in Ms. Naveli

Naveli Deshmukh, another guest speaker, quotes," Being a multidimensional person brings out a better version of yourself, do anything you want as long as it is real, helpful and worthy for a positive change. Remember change is the only constant!". Ms. Deshmukh is the Maharastra representative of SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAAN and National Service Schemes. Her career by far is a pure example of Jack of all Trades. From basketball in high school, she learned competitiveness for Miss India Pageant, and from the beats of dance classes, she killed on the runway with a graceful, fierce walk.

Relating to branding, she added that we can count on our Confidence, Belief, Discipline, and Determination to have our passion to transform into a brand. Most importantly, establishing oneself as a brand takes time like the Zoom app, which many of us haven't heard previously, and now it is essential for the meetings and classes.

Likewise, Passions may change, but don't make them change daily. Projecting the scenario of generation gap and parent's view on entrepreneurship, Ms. Deshmukh has urged the entrepreneurs to be strong enough to stand with or without the parents when it comes to the process of establishing brands. A meaningful and well-informed conversation with parents will make them support their child's happiness via entrepreneurship.

Ms. Naveli says the COVID-19 situation brought some free time and an opportunity to connect on the awareness program. Those having the privilege of the internet, Smartphones must be grateful as they witness the comfort, which rural area children and people have not and could not during the pandemic. Concluding her session, Ms. Naveli made it clear that real leadership is not necessarily attributed to numbers and cash; instead, the change marks the leadership.

Yoga session with Mr. Keshav Singla

The webinar invited its last guest speaker, Mr.Keshav Singla- a yoga instructor at Isha foundation and one of the preachers of Sadhguru. Mr. Singla states the stress due to COVID has brought discomfort, and yoga and Ayurveda can be quite useful to tackle stress. He taught Yoga Namaskar and Nadi Suddhi. Further, he shared tips on Immunity boosting. The yoga-practitioner put some light on inner engineering, a course that equips an individual to be responsible for taking action on life-conditions, offered at Isha Foundation.

All the guests were provided with a token of love after the end of their sessions. All the international speakers were very excited to visit Nepal and have an in-person talk with the organizing team. The guests are certainly familiar with the fact of Nepal being a utopia for entrepreneurial ventures.

Summing Up

Hult Prize at IOE and NxtGen’s 5th level on Entrepreneurship Talk series indeed reflected the idea to become a multidimensional and multi-field expert, for which Self-love and Passion are crucial. They can be our antibodies to overcome the other's doubt and offensive gestures. Life is a one time opportunity; Try out whatever makes you happy.

The session brought my memory back from High School with my English Teacher. While he was preparing me for the district level debate, right before the inter-school soccer match, he had said, "You might not want to struggle and pursue everything but you will live with the guilt of not trying."

As per expectation, the talk series has upgraded the program's execution with the entertainment. Out of 10, I will definitely give a 9.5 for this session, which brought comedy, fashion, the expertise of Hult Prize, and life-style Gurus together.

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