Teach for Nepal Fellows and Alumni all set for Annual Fundraising Deusi Bhailo Program

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Teach For Nepal fellows have been working tirelessly despite the pandemic to resume their investment in their students.

The COVID crisis had put a halt on the overall economy and the education system of the country over the past few months. Even though things are slowly returning to normalcy, the education institutions are still struggling to maintain their normalcy. It has impacted many global education movements like Teach for Nepal. Teach for Nepal is a movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals who are committed to ending educational inequity in Nepal starting with two years of fellowship teaching in public schools. In its 8 years of operation, TFN has worked with almost 15000+ students from 70+ public schools by mobilizing more than 400+ fellows and alumni from Nepal.  


Teach For Nepal fellows have been working tirelessly despite the pandemic to resume their investment in their students by working remotely through online classes, radio programs, and designing workbooks. The Teach For Nepal Fellows in collaboration with British Council and Cambridge University Press have implemented a radio project called “Ma Sikdai Chu” (I am learning). This program has been carried out to support students in remote areas for self-directed learning during this pandemic. The radio program is based on the school curriculum, especially focused on  English, Maths, and Science subjects. It focuses on developing the basic understanding and knowledge of the subjects in secondary level students.


Teach For Nepal Fellows, when placed in the community, not only teach but they become the connectors in the community who form deep relationships and develop insights about the circumstances, and economic and social context that surround their students and their families.”, says Swastika Shrestha, Co-founder, and CEO of Teach For Nepal.


In order to support the organization’s efforts of ending education inequality in our nation, TFN fellows and alumni always come together to celebrate the festival of lights through their annual Deusi Bhailo program. The Annual Deusi Bhailo Program is a voluntarily led program by the Teach For Nepal Fellows and Alumni. The usual tradition was for the second year fellows to take the lead along with the involvement of the new cohort members and alumni members. However, this year things took an unexpected turn when the pandemic struck the nation.


Despite the limitations of having a physical gathering and hopping from one house to another to perform Deusi Bhailo, we decided to do the event virtually in considering the risk of COVID-19. The program aims to bring a larger audience and the opportunity to bring the whole TFN community together across the globe. The funds collected from the event will be handed over to Teach For Nepal as a part of our side donations so that the TFN community can continue it’s momentum to bring transformation in public education of Nepal. Through this program, we also aim to express our musical solidarity about the educational injustice and bring different stakeholders on board as genuine supporters of the TFN community. 


The funds raised from this year's “Ghar Dailo Ma Deusi Bhailo” event will be handed over to Teach For Nepal’s ongoing campaign ‘“Season of Giving”. We have a diverse team of tireless fellows and alumni working relentlessly to make this event a success despite their busy schedules. So if you want us to come to your ghar dailo and celebrate the festival of lights together, feel free to make your contributions through our event. An invitation will be sent to you via email or text message after you’ve made your contributions.


You can donate for the cause through;

Esewa: 9841919592

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A/C Holder Name: RUBIK JOSHI
A/C Number: 03315019640
Bank Name: Siddhartha Bank  


About Rubik Joshi


Rubik Joshi is Teach for Nepal Alumni and served as TFN Fellow (2018-2020) at Shree Indeshwori Secondary School, Sindupalchwok. 


Currently, 137 Fellows in 65 schools serve in 7 districts (Sindhupalchok, Lamjung, Dang, Lalitpur, Tanahu, Dhanusa, Parsa) by teaching Mathematics, Science, English through innovative teaching methodology like games, songs, dramas, music, etc. as a part of the public service leadership program.