Digital marketing strategies for E-commerce

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Digital marketing is crucial in achieving numbers in sales and marketing via E-commerce. Digital marketing strategies must be applied for growth.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in achieving numbers in sales and marketing via e-commerce. You have to get your hands into digital marketing strategies to make your products and services gain more familiarity and become more accessible to possible customers.

Digital marketing strategy is regarded as a major area of focus when it comes to rock both B2B and B2C E-commerce. Effective, wise, and smart marketing approaches and implements can uplift any E-commerce. For instance, digital marketing can even add up to brand awareness as well as brand presence.

Relationship of Digital Marketing and E-commerce

If E-commerce is the respiration process, then digital marketing is the oxygen (the crucial component). Ecommerce and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. They are complementary processes. Digital marketing is an easing agent to enhance your e-commerce ventures.

Importance of Digital Marketing and E-commerce

  • Sell your products online
  • Reach out to a large number of audience/customers  
  • Get better in the competition
  • Positive effects on buying decisions
  • Increases sales in a short span

Let’s not waste more time and dive straight into the digital marketing strategies for E-commerce

  1. Excel the SEO
  2. Invest in Google Ads
  3. Form a network in social media
  4. Use YouTube for video marketing
  5. E-mail marketing and Remarketing to attract visitors
  6. Make affiliation for better sales
  7. Facilitate Carts, Wish lists, Shipping price
  8. Make your content UGC-based
  9. Ensure convenient payment
  10. Communicate with your customers
  • Excel the SEO

Imagine two shops are selling the same product and none of them have a digital presence. One is visible on the roadside, and another lies on the inner corner of a location. Where would people go? Of course, the one on the roadside, right? Why? Because it was visible. Although differences lie in digital and traditional marketing, the value of being visible is the same in both types. If you are not visible, your sales are never going up. Thus SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial strategy to become visible and tell the world that, here it’s my shop, and you can buy these products here.

Being unaware of SEO and ignoring SEO's power can prove to be a great loss for you and your business. SEO targets to bring out more traffic to your website. SEO-based content has raised the bars of competition. Thus, focusing on SEO-oriented content on your website can bring you more sales.

  • Invest in Google ads

It is really tough to get on top ranking in Google via high-quality content. To subside this difficulty, you can opt for Google ads. Google ads help your websites on the top of search results. However, you have to pay Google for this; nothing comes for free, my friend. Moreover, you can target a specific keyword, location, Time zone, or even the devices of potential customers. You can check and choose your Google ads: search, display, shopping, app, or smart ads. Google ads are also arranged in PPC format, and you must be familiar with CPC to deal with the ads correctly.

  • Form a network in social media

Having a social media presence can help your business excel, flourish, and attain a remarkable position regarding the competition. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more can give you a direct connection to the target audience. Not only that, the feature of sharing and commenting on social media can aid in making you viral as well as make further improvements. Posting a lucrative image or a video, announcing giveaways, and taking polls can help you earn the customers' trust.

  • Use YouTube for video marketing

A video serves both our eyes and ears. An attractive video can gain more views and shares, as well. Using a video marketing strategy, you can explain the proper way to use your product, describe all of the features, expresses your business mission and values, compare your product with the competitors. Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and insanely large video sharing site. Using youtube to get your videos of your product or even having a product review can help your sales grow exponentially.

  • E-mail marketing and Remarketing to attract visitors

In Email marketing, a company sends promotional messages or materials to groups of people via email. Most of these messages contain advertisements, commercial messages, call for donation, or a call for business opportunities; you can send a personalized transactional email, a promotional email, or free shipping coupons. To collect emails, you can create a ‘pop-up’ on your site and provide people with a coupon or run a contest. Those visitors who had once seen your website but did not make any sales can be attracted back using the remarketing strategy. Remarketing helps in focused advertising, large-scale reach, and easy ad creation.

  • Make affiliation for better sales

Another effective digital marketing strategies for E-Commerce is affiliation marketing. A commission is earned by promoting other’s products. Cut to short, You find an attractive product, then promote it to others and eventually earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

This strategy is adopted by most of the social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers adopt as they can easily promote the products among their followers. They even give a sales code to the fans, which claims to give discounts. These all some profits for the influencers as well as the company. There is just a profit on both sides.

  • Facilitate Carts, wish lists, and Shipping price

Since there cannot be a salesperson available on the website like traditional marketing, the website must offer options similar to traditional marketing. Thus, carts and wish lists must be included. A cart basically resembles a basket where we keep items and even ditch them in the final transaction. Likewise, items a customer likes but does not want to buy immediately are kept as Wishlists. Offering wish lists is an effective way to keep customers connected to your website, as there is a high possibility of them shopping later.

The cost levied on delivering the product to the customer’s desired location is the Shipping price. It has been found that a product with a shipping price tends to make comparatively lower sales. Hence, companies increase the product’s price and make the shipping free, making customers make more sales; cool strategy, huh?

  • Make your content UGC-based

UGC(User-Generated Content) is content provided by consumers, customers, visitors, and clients. UGCs include Photos, videos, hashtags, and comments on your business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Nothing sells a product better than happy customers. Having a section for the experiences of the customers definitely seems to be promoting UGC. The possible costumers can be positively influenced by this content and making them press the buy button.

  • Ensure convenient payment

In E-commerce, the transaction is another primary concern. Thus convenient and secure payment methods (which are usually apps) should be used. Paypal, Google pay, Skrillz, E-Sewa, Khalti are some examples of the transaction methods. Electronic transactions provide a rapid response about the product and reliable. However, some may opt for cash on delivery; this feature should also be included for some exclusive customers.

  • Communicate with your customer

Communication resolves conflicts and confusion, so why then use it here in E-commerce. Getting Feedback from the customers about your business, services, and products can provide both appreciation and suggestions. Being open to the complaints and solving them should be ensured. This will make an impression that you care about the customer also not only the products. Moreover, the generating schemes of live chat, toll-free numbers can improve customer interactions.

In Conclusion

E-commerce is the call of the 21st century’s way of surviving in the business. Prioritizing, Investing, and improving the digital presence via digital marketing should be the ultimate mantra for those who aspire to get better figures in their bank account. Thus, implementing the above mentioned ten strategies will make your product or service attract more customers and convert the consumers into customers. Remember that you are in E-Commerce for the long run, so don’t just only sell the product but also focus on selling the service.