Are you Ready for the Academic Adventures after your High School / +2 Science?

You have almost all opportunities open after +2 Science but choosing one is very difficult. If you can relate, you might find something helpful here.

If you have a Facebook account, you must have come across a meme saying “Aaaile taile Science lis, paxi Science le tero linxa.”To those who were truly thrilled to discover more about science dont seem to have any emotion linked with this.But those who chose science because of getting A/A+  or because of their parent’s pressure would relate a lot with  this meme.The  struggle and challenges are yet to be faced as you have to now choose a faculty for your Bachelor’s degree which will determine your career. However choosing science in +2 gives the freedom to get into any faculty in your Bachelor’s. And when you have to choose one, you are going to have a headache. Furthermore, if you have extra math with Biology like me then that is the worst-case scenario for you.

The struggle brought by my Love for Science

First, let me explain how experienced I am in this regard. After completing my +2, I joined NAME as almost every biology student does. Then I appeared at the MBBS entrance by KU and TU. Of course, I did not get selected but had good marks (70+) for the first attempt. If you know KU had taken combined entrance for MBBS and BDS but it was separate for TU. Now you will be having the Common Entrance Exam (CEE) for medicals from this year. Then I appeared for BPH, where my rank was 10th but IOM, Maharajgunj had only 9 seats for Science students but another year it increased to 13. I would say I got unlucky. I appeared for Bsc. Ag and got a seat in Rampur. But I was really into medicals, so I decided to have a year's loss. During the year's loss, I appeared for Engineering and BSc. CSIT. I even went to Biratnagar for MBBS in BPKIHS. I also have the experience of going to the NEET exam in India.

The next attempt for MBBS also did not go well and I was blacked out. The other interesting thing about me is I also prepared for IELTS and applied to a university in Australia. Oh my god, my life. I got an IELTS score of 7 from IDP. If you do not know, IELTS examinations are held by IDP and British Council in Nepal. Finally, I appeared in BSc. Ag Entrance by AFU and had a good ranking between 10 to 20. I do not remember the actual rank but it does not matter and never will. I think you have laughed a lot reading through my story.

 So, I think I have got a lot of experience of only appearing at entrances.But they have taught me lessons as well.In order to not to make you guys struggle like me or stay confused for making choices, I  have written this article telling you about available courses and their links (from where you can know more on the topic of your interest).

If you still Love Science, then pursue these courses.

Medicine and healing based courses


So, starting with the toughest of all. But it might not sound as tough now because you are going for the Common Entrance Exam(CEE). But of course, the number of seats and competitors are not going to change. If you have even the slightest doubt on whether you can clear the entrance or not, do not go for it. Luck never favors in this entrance exam.It is the common entrance exam and entrance fee will be charged for a single paper. You can try it out and I would say its worth trying. If you are really into becoming a Doctor and  have done well preparation, that one seat is for you , for sure.

You can find the syllabus in the link below.

Syllabus - || Medical Education Commission || (

BVSc. And AH

The most recommended course of all is BVSc. AH. Why? Because of its less number of students. For example, where AFU has 17 colleges offering BSc. Ag, BVSc. AH is only offered by the central campus with a small bunch of just 80 students. Also due to the problem with the board, AFU could not enroll new students in the last year. If you dream of  being a doctor, this is an alternative for you. Becoming a veterinary doctor does not always mean you have to start a clinic of your own. There are agro enterprises that offer you good jobs with a good salary. Other colleges offering veterinary are IAAS, Bhairahawa, NPI, and HICAST.


It is a degree for an Ayurvedic doctor. The subject is always alive and never to die. The popularity of Ayurveda is increasing in the present context, so it can be a better option for some.

B. Pharma

Among the paramedical courses, Bachelor’s in Pharmacy is the most popular one. MBBS entrance appearing students take it as the best option. People do not bargain on medicine. So, starting a pharmacy of your own is always profitable.


After completing Bachelor’s in Public Health you might get a job in organizations like UNICEF. There are separate seats for Health Assistants and Science students on the Maharajgunj campus. Many colleges are offering BPH in Nepal, you just have to clear the entrance exam and you are ready to go.

BSc. Nursing

Most of the girls after +2 biology, science go for BSc. Nursing. This is the only course where boys have reserved quotas. Haaaaa, if you can become a nurse traveling to Australia then why not in Nepal?

B. Optometry, BASLP, B. Physiotherapy

After, B. Optometry you get jobs in eye hospitals. You might have gone through the eye checking process before meeting the actual Doctor. They are the opticians. BASLP is related to hearing. You might have seen sound adjusting devices in some of your family members. BASLP teaches you related to sound treatment. Physiotherapists are in high demand nowadays. So, for a degree, you can join B. Physiotherapy.

Food and Nutrition based course

B.Sc Food Technology

It’s a 4 year Bachelor’s program related with food science typically to know and maintain the nutrients and to maintain quality food and quantity of the food.Some colleges like Padmashree International College and Technology (NCFST), College of applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT), Golden Gate International College do run this program.

Maths, Numbers, and Computer-based courses


Well, for math group students, you are definitely to go for engineering. But if you are a biology student and want to go for engineering, you have to focus your mind from the day you leave the exam hall after the final paper. There is a common entrance for all engineering courses and you can choose according to your rank. Of course, Computer and Civil engineering will receive the highest applicants and you have to work very hard to get a seat in Pulchowk.

Link to entrance website of Institute of Engineering

Entrance Examination Board (


CSIT is the science course, BIT is an international course and few colleges like The British College and Islington College offer them. All of them teach you programming and make you able to compete in the IT industry. IT industry runs from a computer operator to the CEO of Microsoft and Google. You never know, a single idea of yours can get you to the top. Many colleges are offering these courses. You can enroll in the nearest college for an easy commute.

Courses devoted to Science for Plants and Agriculture

BSc. Ag

I can tell you about this in detail as I am pursuing this degree at the moment. Well, BSc. Ag is the most hyped applied science course of all. I don’t know what is so special about the subject, that every year new colleges register to offer BSc. Ag. Almost all universities offer BSc. Ag in Nepal. The seats and entrance pattern vary but students prefer studying in AFU and TU. KU has also started BSc. Ag from this year. There is also an interesting group in AFU of 50 students who get paid to study. But you have to work in your local bodies for 3 more years after you complete the Bachelor's level.

BSc. Forestry

Forestry is taken as an alternative to BSc. Ag. TU and AFU offer BSc. Forestry.

BSc. Fisheries

The other course in applied science is BSc. Fisheries. Fisheries gaining popularity requires technical manpower. AFU offers BSc. Fisheries in the central campus, Rampur.

There are other courses likeBSc. Horticulture, BSc. Environment Science, Dairy Science.

Pure Science for your teaching career

Science colleges are offering you Physics, Chemistry and Biology Subjects. You might get an offer as a professor in reputed colleges in the world.

Pursue these if you are up for a Management course and corporate jobs.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Everyone can enter into CA but only a few pass out. You have to register in ICAN which will be taking exams. The duration for CAP-I is six months, CAP-II is nine months and CAP-III is three years including practical training. There are coaching institutes that will guide you through CA. You can find more details in the link below

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) | About CA Education

Management courses

There are many examples where Science students have shifted to Management and done well. There are courses like BBA, BBS,BIM, BTTM, BHM and many more. You might get into some trouble in the beginning but after a short time, you will get into it.

If knowing about humans fascinates you, opt for Humanities courses.

You can always join Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Public Administration and many other humanities courses. There are courses like BALLB, BASW that you can look into.These courses can also aid in your Lok Sewa success journey.


In the nutshell, Choosing science in high school gives you plenty of options for the Bachelor's degree, be it Science itself or other faculties. Remember, pursuing a Bachelor's in a particular faculty will shape your career and even make up your professional identity.So, make your decisions after knowing your ability to achieve the knowledge, your financial conditions (in case you want to study by giving the donations) and your inner interest. Don’t make any mistakes for this purpose. Always consult your seniors, teachers or even a career counselor if you are having hard time to make the ultimate decision. 

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