Believe me, I can bath / shower daily

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Some people might have no problem at all in taking a bath. But taking a bath in winter is a big achievement. How? Let me explain.

You might be thinking how can the statement “Believe me I can take a bath daily” be a comedy, but it will when I add the other clause “but I don´t.” Seriously, how can you? Man, this is difficult than a Physics exam. The mission to take a bath is like an adventurous game. And I have tried to divide it into a different level. But this game does not have any lifelines and there is no going back until you complete every level. Let the game begin.


Just imagine tomorrow is your bath day, most likely a Saturday and you are going to take a bath.


The first level

 The level begins after you open your eyes and start waiting for the sunshine. Even after the sunshine how can you leave your pile of blankets. Starting from the bottom you have a fur blanket, above it is a cotton blanket from the famous Dasana pasal in New road, and then is the light blanket giving you a nice warm sleep. How can you take yourself out from this nice warm environment if you cannot even take your face out? After a strong determination when you remove the pile, you will feel a strong chill of 5-10०C. The first level of mission bath is over.

The second level

The second level begins as you get out of bed and enter the bathroom. The journey depends on what you have and where you are living. But the common thing is you must have hot water. It might be turning on the stove or calling out someone to warm the water in a geyser or electric heater. The second step is easier if you have a solar water heating setup. But solar will not give you hot water until you draw out the cold water of the pipeline. Now you have the required hot water and the second level of the mission bath is over.


The third level

The third and final level is getting your body washed. The level is easier for them with a geyser or solar heater as you just have to adjust water to the required temperature. The level is difficult for them who have to adjust the water temperature in the bucket only. You will need a precise calculation to get this job done perfectly. Otherwise, you will get into another big trouble. By any chance, if your hot water cannot get the job done, you will get to the fourth level.

Extension level

The fourth level is a special level that you will have to pass if you do not have the required water temperature. The level can last from just a few seconds to minutes. It will be shorter if someone is waiting for their turn to take a bath and if there is no one after you, only you would know when the level ends. The level is a mental exam, and if you pass you are the winner. Physically, you are looking at the water in the bucket and the water is looking at you. But mentally there is a battle going on in your head between Yes and No. Yes says, “Go for it, the longer you take, the colder water becomes.” No says, “The water is already very cold, man you cannot even dip your fingers into the water. Go and warm the water again.” The battle is still going on and you have a water-filled mug holding in your hand. The time to decide has come. Finally, you pour it on your body and jump a meter high, “Aaxxuuu.” Now there is no going back and fire your body with the water-filled mug.



The game is over and you have completed every level successfully. Taking a bath successfully is like getting five chicken dinners in PUBG, passing a bike trial, and exams of SEE is over. Now you can proudly say that I took a shower just now. This is our condition, even if we are living in big cities and concrete houses. Just image the condition of people in colder and remote areas. Forget about taking a bath, how would you survive in a house with holes or sleeping on streets in this freezing temperature. So, try helping them if you can.


If you have believed me till now, so there is no problem in believing that I do bath daily.