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Some of the Digital Marketing Agencies in Kathmandu

Some of the Digital Marketing Agencies in Kathmandu
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At present, Nepali market has lots of such companies who are working really hard to get better service for their clients

Digital Marketing is the Messiah for all the businesses drooling over greater brand awareness, greater sales, and prophesied profits. Noone wants to skip or compromise on this. Being an umbrella term for various marketing strategies, Digital Marketing actually bridges the brands and audience.

In Nepal, The rise of Digital Marketing took place in the late 2000s. And ever since, there has been almost minimal use of paper-based marketing and an increased number of digital marketing agencies. At present, Nepali market has lots of such companies who are working really hard to get better service for their clients : enterprise, entrepreneurial venture or Small business.

In this competitive market ,some digital agencies are offering their result-driven performance. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Digital Marketing Agencies of Nepal.

Marching Ants

Digital Terai

Pixel Creative

Digital Gurkha

Creabiz Studio

Nepal SEO Company

ACT 360


Marching Ants

Established in 2015, Marching Ants is Lalitpur based Digital Agency whose Motto is Marching Ants always ready to serve your Brands. Marching Ants specializes in paid Media Management, Social Media Analytics, SEO, Email Marketing, and CRO. It has 5 major teams: CS Team, Digital Marketing Team, SEO Team, Content Marketing Team,and  Social Media Managers for the unstoppable and smooth digital services. Marching Ants also provides web and app development as well as market research services.

Asian Thai Food, Vespa, Shree Airlines, TATA Motors,Himgiri,Machhapuchhre Bank, Sipradi, MAK Lubricants, Exicide, CitizenLife Insurance,, KNP Paints, QFX are the valuable customers for Marching Ants.

Get connected with Marching Ants’ team to experience complete and expert digital marketing solutions.

Digital Terai

Digital Terai, located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, has been delivering good results to their clients. Starting since 2018,Digital Terai has been offering their digital services for the businesses to attain the growth they had been seeking. Their major digital marketing services include SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, and brand management. The team of experts in Digital Terai is always ready to offer digital solutions.

Best Jobs in Nepal, CG Retreat, Tansen Cement, ECEC, Nepali Lami, Cake Sewa are some of the brands with which Digital Terai is connected with.

Pixel Creative

Pixel Creative is located at Lalitpur and provides premium digital services .Team of Pixel Creatives provides a complete digital solutions  emphasizing on content fulfillment, content strategy, media production, and web development services.

Pixel Creative is connected with brands like HiLife, Goyal, Dudhauli, Radisson Hotel, Palsonic, Bhoj, Broche, Shree Balaji Diamond, Everytime Group and many more. 

Digital Gurkha

Digital Gurkha, one of the leading digital marketing agencies, has been offering its expert and experienced Digital Marketing services with proven strategies of success.

Digital Gurkha, established in 2018, is a Lalitpur-based digital marketing agency, providing Paid Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Brand Management services. Digital Gurkha works with SMEs as well as International Companies.

Vianet, IIMS College, Hongshi Cement, Infocus, Prazada, Folliderm, Genese, Xperts Pool are some reputed brands with which Digital Gurkha is offering its services.

Creabiz Studio

Creabiz Studio was established in 2019, whose physical office is located at Lalitpur. They provide perigonal Creative, Informative advertising agency providing Social Media Campaigns,Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing, Design and UI, Video Production. Creabiz Studio is devoted to carrying out research and delivering effective strategies to have better media performance as well as consumer engagement.

Creabiz Studio is associated with brands like: JyotiLife, XcelTrip,Attend, Pradhan, Nic Creative, and etc.

Nepal SEO Company 


Nepal SEO Company was established in 2019 by one of the pioneers in the SEO industry Prakash Khatiwada. Mr. Khatiwada has been doing SEO for the past 10 years and he established Nepal SEO Company to train the students and do SEO Projects in Nepal. Nepal SEO Company has been doing SEO for Travel and Trek company, Ecommerce Sites, Constructions business, and doing SEO for mainly local clients of Nepal. Nepal SEO company invisions to promote local products and services into the global market with the help of SEO. Recently they have started SEM and Digital Marketing services to their clients, they train the students of IT and Non-IT field in Digital marketing partnering with Creatu Learning.


ACT 360

ACT 360 is one of the pioneer Digital Marketing Industry in Nepal. ACT has been offering its data-driven Digital Marketing Services. ACT 360 is Kathmandu-based Digital Agency,which works with the intention to help businesses reach their online marketing goals. ACT team provides its services in Web Hosting, Design and Media and PR Marketing primarily focusing on branding, launch and rebranding. Fun Innovation, Customer Success, and Satisfaction are the major themes for the working mechanism of ACT 360.

DhanaShri Jewellers, Doko Recyclers, Jungle Resort, Janata Bank, KFC Nepal,Laxmi Bank, Nabil bank, Gahana Griha, Fortune Oil are some of the brands with which ACT 360 has worked with. 


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