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The Panchakanya Group is dedicated to producing high-quality goods. We make goods with the best possible resource use and recycling.

The adventure began in the 1970s when the chairman decided to diversify his company and relocated to the plains of Jhapa, in Nepal's eastern region. He chose the Terai over the hills because he saw more possibilities there. His first business activity in Terai was in the timber trade, and there were many sawmills operating at the time. After a few years, Mr. Prem Bahadur Shrestha made a profit for the first time in his business career. The Panchakanya Group's first industrial venture was the establishment of a modern rice mill in Jhapa in 1971, known as Panchakanya Rice Mill. It was undoubtedly one of the first steps in the formation of Panchakanya Group as a business. Panchakanya has embarked on a green journey of precision and quality. We all work together as a team to address the challenges of today's market by consistently delivering high-quality products at a reasonable cost. Our shared values allow us to provide full-service satisfaction to our valued customers, and this will continue to be our top priority. We believe in "Always speak and write the facts!" because trust is closely linked to the principles of reliability, integrity, and confidence. We want our employees to thrive both personally and professionally, so we continue to provide them with new skills and opportunities to learn. Change is the only constant in the universe; we believe this and are rising as an organization because of it. Our business is constantly improving as a result of our Team Members' mutual imagination and intellect. We understand that everybody has something to contribute. We continue to improve at what we do. Furthermore, we strive for continuous improvement by offering opportunities for personal, technical, and organizational growth.

Panchakanya Group has always been promoting quality over quantity and our products back it up. Some of our proud products are as follows.


Panchakanya Steel


Panchaknay steel has always focused on bringing the best quality and newest innovation of the world to the county. In line with our commitment to quality and innovation, the company has launched 500 XD and 550 XD grades in 2020. Panchakanya Wire Industry was established in 1989, and since then, we have been meeting our customers' most exacting specifications and requirements. We provide the wire industry with cutting-edge technology and a wealth of experience and expertise. In Nepal, we provide a variety of wires to meet the needs of various market segments, and we continue to expand.

Panchakanya Plastic


HDPE ducts, also known as HDPE pipes, are electrical conduits constructed from graded raw materials such as PE 63, PE 80, and PE 100. These materials are the best replacements for CI and GI pipes, and Panchakanya Group is one of the most prestigious mediums for conveying and transporting them. Our HDPE Pipes are ideal for Bore Wells, Water Supply, Lift Irrigation, Sprinkler, Drip Irrigation, Pesticide Dispersal, Sewerage/Drainage, Cable Ducting, Natural Other Gases, and other applications in both urban and rural settings.PVC is a cost-effective, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC, or vinyl) that is used in a wide range of industries, including building and construction, electronics, healthcare, automobiles, and others. It's used in a variety of materials, including piping and siding, blood bags and tubing, wire and cable insulation, and windshield system parts, among others. Panchakanya Group developed another non-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe manufacturing unit with improved technology in the piping system to manufacture odorless, non-toxic, non-contaminating, and hygienic pipe with high merits and cost economy. We are immersed in the arena of offering a large consignment of PPR Pipe, proving our credibility in this industry. Panchakanya's ability to manufacture international standard PVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in Nepal has enabled the company to produce and deliver a better and more effective product to its customers. The Panchakanya group's new invention is PP-R Pipes and Fittings. These top-of-the-line items are a one-stop-shop for hot and cold water delivery, as well as a substitute for all metal pipes. The fusion welding that joins the pipes to the fittings creates a plumbing system with a tight bond that is leak-proof.



Ready-mixed concrete is concrete that has already been mixed rather than being asserted on the job site, simplifying the operation and logistics. Contractors can customize concrete to meet their specific needs. Cement, aggregates, sand, water, and other chemicals are among them, and they are delivered to the job site with efficient logistics and can be used without further treatment.



Our SS (Stainless Steel) Tank is a premium quality product that provides a complete and lifelong solution for commercial and industrial water storage suitable for all kinds of water. Manufactured for the first time in Nepal, with mirror-finished stainless steel plates (SS304); the tank offers the best solution for the storage of potable water with zero retention for daily use. Stainless steel tanks are very durable, and they offer relatively high resistance against rough materials. They will last longer than an ordinary tank and are not affected by any vulnerability. Stainless steel is a highly stain-resistant metal alloy and is considered an environment-friendly material. The stainless steel tank is also used for the storage of milk, foods, beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. With an inbuilt stand and the durability of SS, the tank is a one-time investment and offers re-sale value, and 100% recyclable. Our Product is light in weight and comes with inbuilt outlet-inlet nipples and a readymade tank stand makes it easy to install.


Awards And Rewards


Panchakanya Group's dedication to quality production was first recognized in 1998, when the Nepal Bureau of Standards (NS) awarded Panchakanya Steel the first NS mark and certificate in the region, and also in 2001 when Lloyds' Quality Assurance Register certified Panchakanya Steel as the first steel management certified company in Nepal. Panchakanya Group took this milestone as a benchmark and has always been improving after that and our work has been backed up with a plethora of awards and recognitions thereafter.

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