Popularist thought on suicide prevention

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This blogs reflect upon how people respond to the case of sucide in social media.

Its too popularist thought to say when you feel like doing a suicide just come to me because I will listen.

Very idealistic it may sound but in reality its not that way! Because as a human by nature we are too self-centeric to make our lives better and we are lingering in that complexity of our own pursuit. We are skeptical to share because we can´t trust everybody that says we are here to listen. And, those who we trust sometime aren't willing to listen our stories of struggle because in reality everyone is strugglling someway or the around. And, those who we trust and are there to listen ´pretends to listen´ but in reality they are just hearing.

Hearing can't be listening by any means. Very few people come to life who actually listen to understand. And in the age where we are too much dependent on social media where we wear a fancy mask of happiness; finding those people are hard. In many cases due to majority of differences in human thought behaviour; those who listen to understand can't understand the depth of our suffering and even having williness to support; simply they can't. Same cases is with our friends and family too.

Sometimes all those bullshit motivational speeches don't work when the suffering is personal. Its easy to be popularist than to be realistic. When you suffer your voices are clear to you only and at the heart you only know what's next. We all will break at somepoint because self motivation isn't eternal. And, that's the truth we often forget to mention.