A Complete SEO Checklist for Developers

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SEO often includes a variety of approaches that are distinct from other types of web creation. You need to pay attention to even the slightest detail in order to build a good website. This article will provide you information about the SEO checker that can be used to build a website.

Search Engine Optimization has absolutely modified the traditional approach to getting a higher rating. There is a strong demand for blogs and websites that adopt successful SEO techniques. On the other hand, many small businesses and start-ups are trying to introduce SEO in the best manner that will potentially help them. SEO often includes a variety of approaches that are distinct from other types of web creation. You need to pay attention to even the slightest detail in order to build a good website. This article will provide you information about the SEO checker that can be used to build a website.


Why SEO important for Developers

SEO is extremely interactive since most companies use this methodology to create a website. Its impact begins right from making a URL to designing mobile-friendly websites. SEO is important to developers as it decides where the website is in the Google Search Console. Internet crawlers are now searching for SEO friendly web content. The readability of these websites is preserved at a normal rate. So, this material attracts more shares and viewers when it's shared online. If the number of visits each month continues to grow, Google will steadily raise the ranking of the website. This is important for the proliferation of lead production, subscribers, and users of the website.

Now we are clear about why to use SEO in web development. Here is an SEO Checklist for developers to focus on both the on-page and external SEO factors. The three major processes in SEO implementation are technical, on-page, and external factors.

Technical SEO factors

Your website page should be remembered and shown in the search results. But before that, the site has to be made available on the Internet. But you need to get the site indexed among others, and the crawlers need to link to the web. This can be done by following these professional SEO considerations. 


  • Link structure and tags: the Link should be simple, descriptive, and contain keywords. Using hyphens instead of underscores. It's also important to redirect all your previous pages with a previous connection. This will put your guests on a new page that is ideal for your SEO. The search engine will show the incorrect pages without redirecting them. But it's nice to skip an old URL, developers need to migrate new pages and add new URLs.


  • Start optimizing your images: images with large storage space will lead to long loading times. This will inevitably raise the number of visits to the website. Reduce them to the shortest possible size and delete them.


  • Using https: an SSL certificate is necessary to keep the web safe and stable. Having an https is equally critical, too. And because these are used would the link be in a decent place in the search results. You should use a crawler to figure out whether any of your sites have an https URL or not. Robots.txt is also one way to help crawlers evaluate the content. This will search for syntax errors and other problems easily. Developers will pick the files and directories that need to be reached from the Robot.txt package.


  • Mobile-friendly site: Developers must use Google AMP to build a mobile-friendly website as well. There are a number of requirements that can be met. It's a mix of the HTML, AMP JavaScript library, and Google AMP cache.


On-Page SEO factors

On-page SEO considerations may include the layout of the site, keywords, names, meta descriptions, photos, etc. Most people work a lot on these things and have to rely on adding keywords or meta tags. This can not work any longer today as search engines examine the meaning of the article. The meaning of a page depends on any single SEO element on the page given here.

  • Topic, keywords, and content: Before you start creating a picture, you need to know the justification to focus on the on-page variables. Seo people keep track of keyword studies, they need to know the kind of vocabulary that the target audience wants. You may use various kinds of SEO software to describe these specific facts. The content posted can be high in quantity, but SEO developers need to concentrate on quality only.


  • Title and meta description: You don't need to worry a lot about the title, but you need to ensure that it stays applicable to the subject. Using keywords and pick the number of terms as soon as the title is given. A meta definition is one that provides a meaning to the title name. It must be short, contain essential keywords, and applicable to the content of the paper.


  • Body copy: We know that not a single element decides the SEO, it's all based on all the factors that generate background in the end. A replica of the body is how much you make the text accessible. The keyword density should be balanced and the content should be modified all the time.

External SEO Factors

External SEO variables are included as required in this SEO Checklist. Others may or may not use these variables because they can not be regulated. But these are important as a creator.


  • Links: When creating a website, you need to relate data, reviews of results, etc. to decide your point. This gives your SEO rankings a big boost. Citations about other brands will also boost the ranking of your website in search results. This back-links add value to the website and genuinely create high-quality material.


  • Social media: Social media affects digital marketing, but it is still used for SEO rankings. Your website will be more noticed as you connect your official social networking pages. Often, whether you're socially engaged, you'll hear about fellow developers or businesses.


  • Local searches: There are a variety of listings available in each region. Which are also listed on social media. It is important to remember that the same physical address, name, and phone number are displayed here. This will definitely affect your visibility on the net, and your website will draw more visitors.


The method of optimizing the website is not easy. You need to be good at technological SEO and on-page SEO as a developer. This will allow you to pick relevant external variables.