The journey to get the clear skin back and get rid of Acne

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Sumi is an adult woman who suffers from adult acne. Being an owner of perfectly smooth and clear skin for the past twenty years, Sumi finds acne as a curse and a problem to get rid of ASAP. She talks about the journey of life with acne, the weirdest hacks she tried, and how she tackled the situation.


I was always proud of my flawless skin until I hit my adulthood. Ya, you might think acne and pimples are for the annoying and mischievous teenagers. However, we, adults too get it. Acne is not just painful they do bring shame, struggle, irritation, and hate as by-products. I encountered my first pimple when I started teaching. While doing the job, I had to shout and be a little angrier with my teenage students who were reluctant and lazy in their social studies class. I was in grief, obviously,☹️☹️☹️ My upper brow regions were full of pimples and small bumps. I looked like an Indian bride who gets her upper brow painted with small dots. Ugh, I hate such bridal makeups.

I searched for a natural way to solve this issue. Drinking lots of water was not necessary because I am a kind of camel girl, I drink a lot of water. But, ya, water could not help me. I started using Acne product, which worked pretty well for some months, but they started coming back. Now all I could do was google the remedies. But great google has options like the stars in the sky. Being an enthusiast and wanting my clear skin back, I tried the home remedies. But I didn’t know to do home remedy I had to google my skin type, which turned out to be sensitive. So as a beginner, I said,” who cares studying the science, I want results.” So, sis dived into the pool of remedies ? ?  . My first try was lemon and turmeric paste, Oh god! I still remember how badly it burnt my skin. After a quick rinse, I opted for the next one. I had no idea next was going to be worse. Stupid I, was so eager that I kept undiluted Dettol on my pimple. After a minute I saw a black film forming on my skin. Thankfully, I had done this on the big pimple on my cheek. When I saw it, I might have made the most dramatic sad-looking face. I got my tears and again googled how to get over the Dettol scar. I swear that day ended with searching remedies rather than making a lesson plan for the sixth-grade Mohenjodaro chapter.

From evening to dinner I stared at myself in the mirror. That brown spot had become darker. All I was doing was applying aloe vera gel, which my mom used for her then and now healthy-looking skin. I had successfully hidden my great work by putting cotton dipped on aloe vera gel on that spot. I was so scared if it would come off while having dinner and mom would yell,” Sumi! What did you do to your face?". Why we adults are still afraid of our parents? ?  ?  ?.The next day in the morning, I had to do some unpleasant remedy, which was applying my fresh spit in the morning. I hesitated but to get my clear skin back I will do anything so, I applied a generous amount of it. This hesitant feeling faded away eventually. This day also brought some laughter from my best friend, more remedies from my female colleagues(obviously I had read them already), and a weird stare from a guy who had a crush on me that time, I wonder who is his partner now? ? ?  Ahem, coming back to the story, my students from grade four were more concerned with that band-aid I had on it. I was happy and angry at the same time because they were concerned and asking too many questions.

 With the help of my dermatologist and of course money from a middle school teacher’s salary, I started to get my skin back but not as good as it was. But I was happier. However, whenever I ate any dairy or meat products I would breakout. Being a woman is a blessing but a curse at the same time. My clear skin has started breaking out again on my chin and jawline, which is of hormonal cause. Turns out I have more male hormones and it was all due to dairy and meat. I was a tomboy back then but hey, now I put sari and appear feminine. But, ya dress didn’t contribute to hormonal regulation. So, I gave up on my favorite ice-cream, curd, ghee, the love of my life, chicken, and fish all to get that skin back. Now, I consume more greens in my house. Some greens to apply on my face as well, my neem acne-fighting mask. My siblings got me new nicknames: Cow and Hariya Janwar (Green Animal) ? ? . But it didn’t affect me because I was doing this for results. Also, I turned down on drugs as I could case side effects and I can't afford to have my attention diverted other than getting clear skin.

 Hold on, the story does not have an expected ending. Looks like my acnes are going to be with me for the long run. But, I am a fighter I will get my clear skin back with these new products recommended by skincare expert Hyram, some online stores, which I follow on Instagram, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and happy feeling. For this, I left my job as a teacher  (finally no shouting, no more lesson plan, and no more tedious meetings) ?  ? . At present, I am a freelancing person as I  have lost my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cheers to my better job and prayers for my acne to leave. (Also universe please help me to get my hormones to balance so that I can eat my favs, Please...) 


Aakash Karki 3 yrs

Your writing and story telling skills is getting better. Keep on Writing

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You have a great zeal to write and learn. Awesome.