Best Hosting company in Nepal

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To build a business and to get it's online presence. You need to find the best hosting company in Nepal to make a website live.

In a digital world today where most of the business, branding, networking, commercial transaction, and the financial transaction happens online, websites have been one of the most crucial parts of our life. To build a business and to get an online presence website is a must. But before you build your website to take your business online, we need web hosting. There are few web hosting company who are providing services in Nepal.

What is web hosting?

There are many web hosting services internationally and within our country Nepal. So many times we are confused either to take hosting internationally or within the country. We are mostly skeptical about choosing a hosting company within the country. But today we have a list of the company which provides secure and trustable hosting.

Best Hosting Company in Nepal:

1. Yelko

Yelko brings clients and businesses together. They are focused on reducing the marketing cost of businesses and make e-commerce simple and easy. They provide healthy competitive market to both business and customers. They also provide hosting plans including free SSL certificate and a free domain registration. Within there platform the sub domain is completly free for life time. 

Yelko started with the aim to provide comprehensive services to all business. This innovative company offers you wide range of services to promote your business and make it visible to prospective clients.

2. Cloudlaya

Cloudlaya formerly known as Sastoname is one of the secure and trustable hosting companies to host your Wordpress website. Cloudlaya like its name focuses on cloud hosting mainly. At Cloudlaya, they provide the domain name, shared hosting and domain to VPS. They also provide Email Hosting, Domain registration, reseller hosting, etc for the customer. If you want to start your own domain and hosting company, Cloudlaya also can set you up for the domain and hosting business. Cloudlaya provides Shared hosting for Small business. They provide Zoho account and G-suite for business. For a secure and trustworthy website hosting, Cloudlaya is one of the best.

3. Himalayan Host

Himalayan Host is one of the hosting companies who is providing hosting service since 2007 in Nepal. They provide different packages of hosting and domain. They provide hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal, and python too. If you want to host your WordPress site or Django site, the Himalayan host provides one of the best hosting services in Nepal. They have been hosting business, personal, social and e-commerce and Non-profit websites for nearly 10 years now. They provide flexibility, reliability, and quality hosting for a Wordpress site in Nepal.

4. Prabhu host

Prabhu host was established in 2018 as the fastest web hosting in Nepal. Prabhu host is also a local hosting company in Nepal with an International data center. Prabhu host provides cost-effective, scalable storage and regular backup hosting to its customers. Prabhu host provides Managed hosting, Cloud hosting and shared hosting to all kinds of business. Like Cloudlaya they also sell reseller platform to the people who are looking to start their own domain hosting business. They have different plans and package to support all kinds of businesses that want to take their business online.

5. Babal host

Babal host is also one of the companies who takes the security of hosting very seriously. They claim that they have Imunify360 protection in their servers which are used to keep the server secured. Babal host provides several packages to businesses from small to enterprise. Babal host servers are mainly Wordpress optimized. They also provide free SSL for the website. They are also providing one year hosting at a very cheap price which can compete with international hosting companies. So people who are starting blogging and small business websites can choose babal hosts.

6. WebHost Nepal

WebHost Nepal is another best company to host your Wordpress website, not only Wordpress, WebHost Nepal give options for Nodejs developers and python developers. They also prove cloud hosting and Cloud VPS at reasonable pricing. Shoutcast is one of their major features, Shoutcast gives the user to create online radio. If you are about to start online podcast Shoutcast can be a very good platform for you. so you can start your radio on your website easily without searching tons of information on the web.

7. Mercantile Communication

Since the dawn of the company in 1994, Mercantile has been providing cutting edge solutions to Nepal. Mercantile Communication is one of the oldest hosting providers in Nepal. They provide the best WordPress website Hosting platform. They have also VPS and Cloud services for the cloud enthusiasts they even have web designing services and domain registration. Mercantile not only serves in Nepal but they provide internet service to our neighboring country Bangladesh and Bhutan too.

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