10 Steps to Build Brand Awareness and Recognition With Social Media

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Social media is used by entrepreneurs for brand awareness. Thus, the brand is exposed to millions of people promising enough views, shares, and sales.

Brand awareness is the consumer's level of consciousness about a company, which includes recognizing a brand image and its product or service provided to the public/audience. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are great to get businesses their target to generate more awareness of the brands. Having a social media page is not enough; one must know various strategies and steps to excel the brand awareness. 

This article is devoted to making you familiar with the basic steps needed to build brand awareness and recognition with social media.

 Steps to increase brand awareness through social media campaigns

1.Know All About Your Target Audience

2.Make Your Content Unique

3.Be  More Visual

4.Be consistent

5.Work on your platform

6.Invest on Influencers

7.Ads and paid campaigns

8.Try to Make Your Content Go Viral

9.Listen to Your Follower’s Voice

10.Test, Measure, and Optimize All Your Content and Campaigns

Let’s know these steps in detail.          


  • Know All About Your Target Audience

You must know the demographics of the population or audience to whom you want your products to reach. You cannot expect male members(most of them) to buy makeup and skincare products. Thus being familiar with these details of the audience and their demands can aid a lot in promoting your content and brand's unique selling point on social media.

  • Make Your Content Unique

 The availability of resources in social media has increased the competition. The content plays an important role in attracting the audience or customers. Content should be of excellent quality such that it explains the products well and, in return, attracts a quality and quantity audience. If you are bringing something new, one of its kind, always invest in original but it's very rare. But, Always opt for unique over original if you are selling similar products available in the market. Skincare, beauty products, food are some examples of it.

  • Be More Visual

People tend to search for visual content to be more entertaining when getting information. An interesting visual content makes them stay longer on the webpage they are. In fact, around 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.

Using an image will certainly get a break from a monotonous text. Using copyright-free videos and images in blogs or articles will surely make you stay out of trouble.

Moreover, incorporating your brand into images and making a brand logo would help brand recognition before achieving brand awareness. Not only that, using visuals like gifs or memes to reply to comments can add some fun to your feed.

  • Be consistent

Being consistent means doing an activity without taking longer gaps. Here consistent reflects the notion of being the exact same on social media like you are in your traditional market or the website. Clear social media presence leads to more robust brand recognition and thus creates awareness.

For that, the brand logo is must be present in every post and profile. Do not compromise here as social media is the digital shop with thousands and millions of customers. Along with that, posting regularly on your page is equally essential. Taking longer gaps may provoke your customers and make them approach some other brands. 

  • Work on your platform

Various social media platforms have various features. One available on Twitter may not be available in Tiktok. Thus, working on various social media according to the strategy can make a greater difference. 

You can use your hashtags to trend on Twitter, whereas a killer image and a quick-wit caption make better content on Instagram. Using great audio or dance moves can get you more excellent views and likes on Tiktok.

  • Invest in Influencers

Social Media marks social currency. In simple words, the number of followers marks success in Social Media Business. 

Thus approaching influencers and Connecting with other brands, customers can bring you an ample number of customers.

Investing in the influencers can basically like attracting a big fish (mass) by a bait (influencer). This will make your brand get exposure to the followers of the influencers.

However, make sure to avoid pseudo-influencers who have bought their followers. These influencers can't even sell 100 T-shirts, although their followers are displayed in millions.

 For example, if you're selling beauty products, you can approach different makeup artists or skincare enthusiasts. In oftentimes, negotiations are done to promote your business/products to their loyal followers.

  • Ads and paid campaigns

Using a social media ad is found to be helpful in enhancing the overall social media strategy. Paid campaigns in social media are a never-ending gift for increasing brand awareness. Thus, brands should invest in promoted posts and advertising via posts and stories. Wise and accurate use of paid ads and campaigns can bring great potentiality for increasing brand awareness. You can use Facebook ads, youtube ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads. These ads and campaigns are easy to track and manage.

  • Try to Make Your Content Go Viral

Social media platform provides opportunities to broaden your brand's reach. Every internet user's special quality is that they share a lot of things on their social networks. This sharing is your key to become viral and earn lots of traffic for our website, making exponentially high brand awareness and sales.

Bringing a fantastic video, memes, or images can make the audience press that share. Connecting to the audience's emotions and interest emphasizing with their personality can develop the itch to share the content.

  • Listen to Your Follower's Voice

Being on Social media means getting praises, appreciation, as well as opinions, comments, and critiques. Thus brand must be open to communication. Improved communication with the audience aids to enhance your brand's reach and awareness. Always respond to your customers and gather feedback you receive from likes/comments/shares/pins/tweets/etc. Every feedback, negative or positive, is essential.

  • Test, Measure, and Optimize All Your Content and Campaigns

Evaluation is necessary to grow and improve. Thus we must conduct tests to know the measure, optimize your page. The performance of your social media campaigns must be evaluated.

There are various social media analytics tools, which will help you understand your audience's behavior. These tools can aid in finding out the area to excel or work on. Relying on them and continuously using tools, and implementing the new strategies can improve your brand's awareness and even boost sales.


In conclusion

Brand awareness is not a piece of cake. Better sales may not be achieved if there are insufficient efforts levied on using the available social media. Always remember, you are on social media to gain followers and customers for your brand. Thus, the wise use of the strategies and steps (mentioned above) should be done to have better brand recognition and brand awareness. Being flexible with the strategies can be a boon for receiving much-awaited brand recognition and awareness.